The #1 Reason Why You Can’t Sell (+ Proven Tactics to Sell Better)

Everyone is telling you “Don’t sell and provide value”, but it’s actually hindering your growth. Here’s why.


Nick Chai

2 years ago | 4 min read

Blogs out there claim that people don’t like being sold to. But the truth is…consumers love to buy. Don’t you think there’s a disconnect here??

“People like to buy but hate being sold to” is a marketing myth. Because businesses wouldn’t exist if no one sells.

If you want to excel and thrive in your business, throw this mindset down the drain. It’ll only hinder you from the potential you’ve yet to achieve. Businesses that make 6 to 7 figures per month embrace selling.

The only thing they do differently is the way they sell.

How people make buying decisions

No one ever wakes up and thinks, “I’m going to buy a shirt today”. It doesn’t work that way. People don’t buy when there’s no need to buy. I believe you operate on this rationale as well.

People would only decide they want to buy something when they “feel” the need to buy. For example, when groceries are out, they should be restocked. Because if you don't restock it, you’ll starve. There’s a need.

Another example — buying a shirt. It triggers you when you “feel” like you’ll look good in that outfit. There’s a need to buy and you buy it. Buying a shirt, in this case, is purely emotional which means…

95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious

Buying is all about emotions. Restocking groceries stems from the fear of starvation. Buying a shirt stems from wanting to look better. We’re not as rational as you think we should be. Buyers decide with their emotions.

The better you know why your customers buy, the easier it is to sell.

Sell what they want, not what they need

The key to selling better and easier is to give your customers what they want. Most businesses can’t sell because they put too much focus on the transaction instead of the value of their offer. That’s a guaranteed way to fail.

It pays to familiarize yourself with the process of buying. Once you know how your customers buy, you’ll know what to do to sell them better. Customers are quite particular when it comes to buying.

Customers buy the way they want to buy. Marketers need to adapt to that.

This indicates that people don’t hate being sold to. They just hate it when they aren’t sold the way they expected to be sold to. With that being said, you shouldn’t force a buying conversation if they aren’t interested.

If they want something and they are ready to buy it, give it to them. If not, don’t. As simple as that. Never force the idea that they need this because it’ll…blah blah blah. They just don’t want it yet. So stop.

If you already have sales coming in but not what you’ve expected, you could be selling the wrong way.

Proven and practical ways to sell better

In conclusion, people like being sold by people who are extremely good at selling. Get that into the thick skull of yours. Let this replace the old “people don’t like being sold to” mindset.

I’ll talk about the tactics in general. You can research further into how to make it work. Here are some proven tactics to help you succeed at selling whatever it is you’re selling.

Soft selling + content marketing

You should know that we’re living in the digital age. After Covid, people are learning how to buy online. This is good news for business owners. Your market had just expanded globally.

Being successful at content marketing has less to do with selling but more on providing value and soft selling. By the end of your content, just slide in an offer with a link. That’ll ensure the audience gets the value from your content without being sold to.

The key to making content marketing work is to be making offers at the end of your content. If you want sales, you have to make offers. There’s no way around that. Just don’t make over-the-top kinds of offers and you’ll be fine.

Virtual events + offers

The pandemic boosted virtual events to a whole new level. I had no idea what Zoom is until people started using it for online classes and meetings. People were and still embracing the convenience of attending classes and events in the comfort of their homes.

The same goes for selling. Live selling is blooming across industries. Sellers are using live on social media to sell their stuff in the form of a webinar, live, YouTube, Tik Toks, etc.

This tactic works best when you launch it as an event rather than a pitch fest. Because people who attend events might be interested in buying. While a pitch fest is nothing but turning on live and begging people for money.

Collaboration + offers

Good old influencer marketing works like charm, especially during the pandemic. People trust influencers. They have a bond with influencers that they don’t with big brands. That special bond makes influencers valuable for businesses.

Since people trust influencers more than they trust brands, you can leverage this bond to put your offers out there. Instead of paying for traffic that might not convert, hire an influencer to bring awareness to your business. Or you can collaborate with other brands.

The only caveat with collaboration is relevancy. Not every business can apply this tactic due to the nature and type of each business. So it pays to ensure the collaboration makes sense to the audience for maximum marketing impact.

You can definitely sell better

Embrace this new mindset and use it in your business. The old mindset keeps your business stuck. Get rid of it once and for all, and you’ll definitely sell better with less emotional stress on yourself.

Selling is all about hitting the right buying triggers of your customers. To sell anything in business, you’ll have to make your customers “tick”.

If you’re interested in:

  • crafting no-brainer offers your prospects wouldn’t refuse,
  • figuring out who's ready to pull out their credit cards (weed out those tire kickers and freebie-seekers),
  • nurturing cold leads to hot buyers lining up to buy from you,
  • upselling & downselling your customers in a way that “feels natural” to them,
  • triggering buying buttons that’ll 4x your sales without pushing too hard,
  • recovering follow-up sales via email marketing that’ll add another 10% ~ 20% of potential revenue…

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