Here are 10 Beginner Python Projects from which you should start.

In this article, you are creating 10 python beginner projects which help you to enhance your Python knowledge are logic building.


Gaurav Pandey

3 years ago | 1 min read

Here are 10 Beginner Python Projects from which you should start.

Before you build any project, learn the basics, If you don't learn the basics, you'll build on a shaky foundation.

Here are some beginner-friendly projects for you to work on:

  • Odd or even
  • Mad Lib Generator
  • Password Generator
  • Biography info
  • Digital Clock
  • Quiz
  • What's my Acronym
  • Desktop Message Notifier
  • Quote Bot
  • Email slicer

1. Odd or Even

When the user gives you the number, you check if it's odd or even and then you print a message letting them know.

Here is the Sample Code 👇

2. Mad Lib Generator

This could be anything such as a name, an adjective, a pronoun, or even an action. Once you get the input, you can rearrange it to build up your own story.

Here is the Sample Code 👇

3. Password Generator

Create a Simple Python program that can generate a simple password for you.

Here is the Sample Code 👇

4. Biography Info

Ask a user for their personal information one question at a time. Then, print a summary of all the information they entered back to them.

Here is the Sample Code 👇

5. Digital Clock

Create a Digital Clock that Shows real Time using Tkinter.

Here is the Sample Code 👇

6. Quiz

Ask 4 Questions to the user and Calculate the Percentage at the end.

Here is Sample Code 👇

7. What's my Acronym?

Ask the user to enter the full meaning of an organization or concept and you'll provide the acronym to the user.

Here is the Sample Code 👇

8. Desktop Message Notifier

You can make Digital Clock using *Python.

Make sure to give it a try, See Below 👇

9. Quote Bot

Create a Simple Quote Bot that Generates, New Quote Every time when you run the code.

Here is the Sample Code 👇

10. Email Slicer

Collect an email address from the user and then find out if the user has a custom domain name or a popular domain name.

Here is the Sample Code 👇

I hope you enjoy these Projects!

Thanks for reading, I hope you found it useful

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