10 Daily habits you should embrace

10 daily habits you should adopt for a healthy life. You need not to do anything fancy. Read on for more info.


Devang upadhyaya

2 years ago | 5 min read

What if I tell you, you can get healthy with just 10 daily habits? You may think how is that even possible? Well in the next 10 minutes you will understand how easy it is(thank me later).

Today I will share 10 Daily habits which you should try for healthy living. By trying I meant, you need to follow these healthy habits daily and you will see results within few days. Before I start sharing these 10 daily habits, I just want to tell you this is my 10th blog and I want to thank all the viewers for this exciting journey. So let's start with the first habit you should make.

1 hour of workout

This may sound too much but for a healthy body, you may need 1 hour of workout daily. Although this doesn't mean that you need to start 1 hour of workout immediately, you can go slow and then increase your duration of exercising. Exercising could be anything like Yoga, Running, Cardio, Zumba dance etc. I have learned recently that there is no better/stronger medicine than exercise for health issues like type-2 diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases. So if you want to get healthy this is step 1.

Brushing 2 times a day

It is important to maintain good oral hygiene. Everyone brushes in the morning(sometimes at noon, if you wake up late), but people often refrain from brushing at night. I remember people used to mock me in college for brushing at night, but it is a part of my daily routine. Lack of oral hygiene not only causes bad breath & bacteria but can also cause fatal diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, premature babies etc. So remember to brush 2 times a day(also saves your money from unplanned dentist visit).

3 fruits a day

3 fruits a day is a great option that can keep you healthy. Fruits will fulfil your vitamins and minerals need and keep your active. Fruits are great healthy options that can be eaten as snacks. You can try a variety of fruits, you can make a salad or you can just eat them separately. Try seasonal fruits and eat them fresh. You can also try 2 fruits and 1 glass of fruit juice(just keep the variety).

4 colour of food

I have already discussed how tricolour in food is beneficial to us. This time I am telling you to eat 4 colours of food. You can get different benefits from different colours of food, like red food are good for heart and blood health(for example beetroots), blue & purple helps in mineral absorption and improves brain health, white food is rich in protein(for example paneer), brown colour food are good for metabolism and likewise. The more colourful diet you can eat the better it is, just keep a healthy balance.

5 minutes of laughter

A day without laughter is a day wasted
A day without laughter is a day wasted

Laughter is a great form of stress relief, it also relieves pain. Studies have found that 5 minutes of laughter can help you fight depression and can help your brain, heart, lungs to stay healthy. You can find laughter anywhere, You can just watch any clip online for daily 5 minutes of a laugh, or you can just read jokes(and also share it with others) for 5 minutes of a laugh. Although 5 minutes is just a number, you can laugh as much as you want, just don't laugh at the expense of others.

6 litres of water

This may sound too much, but 6 litres of water is important. Although you will find different theories online that will confuse you. But I am telling you to keep this figure at least near 6 litres. If you are doing an intense workout or you are under the sun for a prolonged period you may need extra water, and 6 litres of water is sufficient throughout the day. I have seen people keeping reminders for water drinking. If you also need a reminder then you can keep a bottle with you and drink from it(just don't forget to refill it).

Drinking sufficient water gives healthy skin, digestive system and more
Drinking sufficient water gives healthy skin, digestive system and more

7 hours of sleep

7 is the magic sleep number for healthy adults. Although this number is different for different age groups, 7 is the number that falls in between. 7 hours of sleep will keep your mind healthy, it will keep you alert and it will also keep you away from stress(only if your boss is not stressing you). We shall discuss how certain methods will help you to sleep better in future, but for now remember to keep all the worries aside, stay away from the blue screens before sleep and sleep in a peaceful room.

8 minutes of meditation

This is not just 8 minutes of meditation, but this is 8 minutes of lower stress, 8 minutes of improved focus, 8 minutes of a peaceful life. Just for 8 minutes forget all your worries and listen to your breath. You just need to sit at a peaceful place and for that nothing is better than the morning time. Relax and feel the tension going away from you.

Check out this link:;t=6s

Reading 9 pages daily

We all know that reading can strengthen the brain, improve vocabulary etc. But do you know it also alleviates depression, increase awareness and not just that; a study on 3635 revealed that reading helps you live longer. What you should read is up to you, until and unless you are doing it daily. 9 pages are just a fancy number, you can read as much as you desire(did I mentioned the size of those pages?).

10 minutes of sunlight

Daily sunlight can strengthen your immune system, maintain strong bones(by giving a good dose of vitamin D) and lots more. I have seen lots of people investing in vitamin D tablets, while they can get it for free. Daily sun exposure can also give you longer life(did I just tell you another way to live longer?). You should make a routine to get 10 minutes of sunlight daily at a specific time. We generally avoid the sun in summers, and also housewives do not get proper time for sun exposer, but Kindly make it a daily habit. You can also mix it with point 9 or 5 from above(that's called self-promotion).

Let the sun shine on your soul
Let the sun shine on your soul

In the end

You have now got an idea of how easy it is to get a healthy life. These small habits can bring big and positive changes in your life. I am not saying to start these habits immediately, I am also not telling you to leave your favourite activity due to this, but pick these daily habits for a better and healthy life.

Share your experience with me in the comments section down below, if you like what you just read, then follow me for more. Also, check out my site for more such content.

Till then stay healthy and remember to smile.


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