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SEO marketing is all about getting better from what you were yesterday. The question that arise here


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SEO marketing is all about getting better from what you were yesterday. The question that arises here is, who is judging us?

The answer to it is, Google. Google judge us on the basis of various factors like our keyword selection, page time optimization, content originality and various other factors. But one of the most important factor is link building strategy.

However, it can be conveniently said that link building takes time and patience more than other ranking factors. But, similarly it can be concluded very fairly that the amount of organic traffic link building strategy provided us is incomparable.

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This article is written by Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. The exposure our website gets from being getting tagged on mentioned in some regular social media account proves to be very helpful in case of SEO strategies.

You can link your website in several ways, that is you can be amazingly best in whatever content you are providing such that when any user reads it and feel a need to mention some website in their reference they immediately think of your website. if this works, it can be pretty good. But for this to work you need to be aware of some different strategies that are to be applied to the content to optimize it for best results. This can include the tactics like, writing lengthy statements in a way where you have explained everything and covered everything in that topic.

You can use various results from surveys which makes your content look more original and to the context. There are various content writing strategies which you must use if you want to get mentioned and earn free of cost traffic.

Some good strategies for your backlinks can be-

  1. Search for backlinks- while discussing and explaining your content you may use a backlink from some other website that explains some context of your topic in detail. But be sure before providing backlink that it is relevant to provide a backlink at that point. Don’t just uselessly force backlinks in your website.
  2. Get to know the market- once you step into it, you need to know with whom you are competing with and what can these forums that have been established for years before you came to the market can help you. Strat participating In online discussions and observe carefully to capture people with your interests. Here you can get amazing backlinks.
  3. Make your presence count- here in SEO everything is being done digitally and no one knows anybody personally so when you request for any backlink support why would anybody be willing to do business with you until and unless it is benefiting them also. You can get here by testifying their product by which they get some evidence of their product and you have now better chances of getting approved.
  4. Blogging helps!- people like consistency and when you give people what they want they will give you what you want. Once they feel connected to you they will want to connect to you all over again. Just remember the consistency thing and blogging will turn out just fine. if you are interested to learn Blogging and SEO then you can contact SEO training in Pune. They provide practical SEO Training
  5. Gain trust through Google- Google as always doing its amazing job provides you an option to get featured on its list of fraud or trustworthy sites. All you should keep in mind is to get the free recommendation from Google for a trustworthy list.
  6. Guest appearance- make your presence count and show the world what you got. You can do this by appearing as a guest in the comment box of any popular article of your interest.
  7. Learn from competitors- search what are the backlinks that your competitors are using and gaining traffic and try to go for these.
  8. Update regularly- many links become dead after a certain time. So, keep updating that your website is not using any dead link.
  9. Attract with offers- people are always ready for offers and here is when you get a chance of getting featured and creating backlinks.
  10. Be the best- when you are the best website for the topic why wouldn’t anybody want to get a link of their website on your website. so be the best.


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