10 Easy Yet Powerful Ways To Boost Employee Satisfaction

Here are some of the best ways to boost employee satisfaction in your organization and get your team more productive.


Srikanth Acharya

2 years ago | 5 min read

Employees are the biggest stakeholders of any company. A company’s market value, success, and productivity are only as good as its people. If a company cannot keep its employees happy, the work they receive in return will only be subpar. 

Case on point: The pandemic was when attrition levels reached a record high, and businesses struggled with hiring and retaining talent. However, many companies still witnessed growth and productivity.


Because they managed to keep their employees satisfied by giving them a sense of value, purpose, and community. 

The bottom line being, if the workforce is satisfied, they will be determined to give their best and will willingly go the extra mile to generate the best outcomes. 

As it happens, money isn’t the only thing that can keep your employees happy (Glassdoor)

To build employee morale, more factors weigh in.

Here are a few ways you, as an HR or manager, can boost employee morale and ensure that your workers are satisfied at the workplace:

Maintain open communication

Employees are at their best when they are aware of what is going on in the company. Keeping your employee posted on small or big changes will make them feel important – and they will appreciate it. 

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Make sure you praise them when they do a good job and communicate openly when their work is unsatisfactory. 

Ask them genuine questions to let them know you care about them – for example, "how was your weekend?" or "did you watch the game last night?"

Talk to them as a friend. Keep them involved in small decisions. This goes a long way to keep your employee happy.

Listen to their concerns

Give your employees the power of feedback. Every once in a while, ask them how you can do something differently or better. Let them know that you're listening. 

When you act on the feedback, your staff will feel like their decisions and opinions matter to the company. It gives them an incentive to participate more actively. 

This participation makes way for better results in their work because they feel they belong and are valued.

Train managers to guide well

The right leader is vital for any organization, especially at companies that have many employees. What isn’t easy is finding the right managers to lead a group of staff. A study by Harvard Business Review revealed that more than 60% of American employees are miserable. This isn’t because of low pay, poor workplace benefits, or insufficient vacation days — but because they have bad bosses. 

Companies should train managers to be efficient and supportive. The best managers guide employees effectively and make sure to reward them for their efforts. 

Corporate gifting

According to a survey on employee happiness, more than 45 percent of employees are happy with the company they work for if they receive gifts. These employees said that gifts from the corporate meant that their work is valued at the company, which made them happy. 

So, managers, there's your cue. Make sure to gift your employees on small occasions – like when there's revenue growth in a particular quarter or during festivals and on birthdays. This is a simple gesture that will have your employees satisfied and smiling.

Most of the corporate organizations gift their employess on certain ocassions. For example an organization distributes corporate gifts for the ocassion of Diwali festival.

Incentives to motivate 

Incentives are very important for any person to work harder. To boost morale, make sure to provide timely incentives to employees. 

Have modest events to recognize your best employees every month. Tell them that they would win a small prize if they were the best employee that month. The prize can be as small as a gift certificate, but it would provide the necessary boost to their morale. 

Knowing that a company recognizes hard work makes employees put their best foot forward and promotes healthy competition, making other employees work harder. 

Cultivate a social culture

Another research by Harvard Business Review states that employees are happier in their jobs when they have friendships with co-workers. Having a sociable environment at work will not just improve the quality of the work, but will also uplift the employees’ spirits in the workplace. 

Making small jokes, encouraging participation, and promoting a generally happy environment will make employees look forward to work. 

If we have learned anything from the sitcom ‘The Office’, it is that having a fun and playful work environment helps employees break free from monotonous routines. 

While building this culture isn’t so easy, there are simple steps towards it. Make sure to hold social events every once in a while, and keep your employees in the loop.

Promote remote working

Gallup, after extensive research, has concluded that 24% of millennials today displayed higher morale if they got to work from home at least once a month.

The research shows that remote working attracts more talent and helps boost productivity because employees enjoy flexible work hours. 

Therefore, let your staff work from home at least once in a while. In 2020, we went  through a remote working crisis, and realized work, productive work, can be done from anywhere. So as the world embraces the new working culture, ensure you focus on “how the work is done” and not “where the work is done from.” 

Don’t micromanage

When you micromanage an employee, it is clear that you don’t trust them. When an employee feels this way, the morale goes down very easily, very fast. To have your employees believe that you care about their time will go a long way in boosting their morale.

It's okay to guide your employees and help them get better if they make mistakes. Make sure that they feel understood but don't micromanage them. 

Making mistakes is human. Understand the employee’s side of the story and help them out to boost work quality and productivity. This will help them realize that you have faith in them and boost employee satisfaction.

Bring greenery into the office

This suggestion might sound bit out of the blue, but  according to LiveScience, 82% of people who work with plants and windows around said they feel "content" or "very happy” at the workplace. For employees who spend most of their time staring at computers, seated indoors at their desks, they need to be in touch with nature as well. 

A small bamboo plant or bonsai will send positive vibes around the cubicle and will keep your employees active.

Encourage work-life balance

The minute your employees step out, it is their life, and they owe it to themselves to indulge in activities they love away from the pressure of work.

Do not meddle with their times; give them space. 

Encourage your employees to spend time with their family, or lend a helping hand to allow them to spend time engaging in their hobbies. 

If an employee has their family outside the city, do not take advantage of that to make them work even more. Give them the time, space, and resources to visit their loved ones every once in a while. Send them home care packages or healthy snacks on relevant occasions to show that you care.

In conclusion, promoting employee satisfaction is an ongoing process, and every step towards it is a step closer to the success of the company. So, try your best to keep your employees happy and healthy.


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