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The Academy has finally announced the nominations in various categories for the 95th Academy Awards. Presented by Riz Ahmed and Allison Williams from January 24 (local time).

Of the many categories announced, Best Picture is undoubtedly the highest and most anticipated nomination. The Academy has chosen the 10 best films of 2022. From high-grossing films at the box office to successful films at international film festivals.

Unfortunately, Not all films have been watched by us cinematographers in Indonesia. Because not all of them are in local theaters or available on streaming platforms. It can be recorded first, Who will get a chance to see it sooner or later?

Below are the films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar 2023. We'll also provide information on where you can watch some of the Oscar 2023 nominees. Who do you think will be the winner this year? The 95th Academy Awards will be held on March 13.

Review everything everywhere at once.

Everywhere and all at once

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” was nominated for the 95th Academy Awards with a total of 11 nominations. Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan Starring Stephanie Hsu and Jamie Lee Curtis.

It tells the story of an immigrant woman who owns a laundry business in America. Once upon a time, he embarked on a multifaceted adventure to stop a dangerous force from ending the universe.

'Everything Everywhere' is a film with an absurd and unique plot that can make the audience laugh and cry at the same time. You can watch "Everything Everywhere All at Once" on HBO GO in one local theater at a time.

Avatar: The Waterway Review.

20th Century Studios

Statue: Waterway

Avatar: The Way of Water” is sure to be a big release coming in 2022, delighting theaters around the world. We will be reunited with Jake Sully and Ney'tiri, who already have a small family. When attacks from outsiders threaten to return; Sully and his family must find shelter and explore new lands on Pandora.

With the success of this “Avatar” sequel, James Cameron has directed three films that have grossed over $2 billion at the box office. For those who haven't seen it yet, "Avatar: The Way of Water" is still showing in many cinemas in Indonesia.

Top gun maverick

cr. Paramount Pictures

Top Gun: Maverick

“Top Gun: Maverick” is also the sequel to this year's Best Picture nominee. Starring Tom Cruise, this movie cured the homesickness of all fans of "Top Gun" (1986). Directed by Joseph Kosinski, the film received a total of 6 nominations at the 95th Academy Awards.

“Top Gun: Maverick” is a movie that offers a thrilling experience when it hits theaters. The fighter mission sequence in the final act of the film is inspired by various technical aspects. It may not be as exciting as seeing it in theaters, but "Top Gun: Maverick" is now streaming on HBO GO.


Warner Bros.


Yesterday, "Elvis" could become the most inspiring biopic of 2022. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, “Elvis” is a 2-hour film that summarizes the ups and downs of Elvis Presley's life. He plays Austin Butler and is one of the strongest candidates for Best Actor this year.

Indeed, This biopic has screen-level resolution. But it cannot be denied. This film is a film that inspires the sound and visuals of the audience. He managed to trick us into understanding what the King of Rock and Roll looked like, a fantasy and wonder of his time. The film received a total of eight nominations. “Elvis” is available to stream on HBO GO.

Banshees of Inisherin

Banshees of Inisherin

After 'Everything Everywhere', "The Banshees of Inisherin" was the next film to receive the most awards with 9 nominations. The film reunites the two actors who starred in Martin McDonagh's directorial debut (In Bruges, 2008), Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson..

Compared to other candidates, this title's presentation is too flashy. The fictional island of Inisherin tells the story of two friends who one day decide that one of them is no longer friends. “The Banshees of Inisherin” is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

All was quiet on the west side.


All was quiet on the west side.

This year's nominee is Edward Berger's "All Quiet on the Western Front." Previously, this anti-war film had also been produced by American filmmakers.In 1930, it won the Oscar for Best Picture. This latest version was directed by a German director, using the original language of the original material, with a cast of German directors. So have a more authentic and memorable presentation.

The film also received a total of 9 nominations, tied with “The Banshees of Inisherin”. Today, with movie productions in full swing, “All Quiet on the Western Front” is available to stream on Netflix. Will the new German version of the film follow its predecessor?

The triangle of sadness


The triangle of sadness

"Triangle of Sadness" is a black comedy directed by Ruben Ostlund. It's amazing to be a candidate for this when you see the standard of the other films that are nominated for this. It tells the story of a model couple who get to sail on a luxury yacht with people of high social status.

Instead of a luxurious and elegant vacation, all the passengers must be trapped in panic when the yacht sinks. You can watch "Triangle of Sadness" live on KlikFilm.

The Fabmans

“The Fablemans” is a movie by the famous director Steven Spielberg. Best Supporting Actress nominee Michelle Williams stars Gabriel LaBelle and Paul Dano. “The Fablemans” is a semi-autobiographical film based on Spielberg's childhood. When I first got to know post-war filmmaking America.

The previous film is trending after winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Picture which was held yesterday, January 11th. "The Fablemans" is one of the films that has not yet entered Indonesia.


“TÁR” is a psychological drama written and directed by Todd Field. It tells the story of Lydia Tár, a female composer and conductor who is in crisis to maintain her career. “TÁR” received 6 Oscar nominations, tied with “Top Gun: Maverick”. Best Actress is also up for Cate Blanchett, who plays Lydia Tár.

This nomination is the eighth nomination in the same category. Blanchett has won three Oscars and is the strongest candidate this year. Joining favorites to star in “Blonde” are Michelle Yeoh and Ana de Armas. "TÁR" is one of the films that has not yet entered Indonesia.

Women talking.

“Women Talking” is a 2018 drama film directed by Sarah Polley based on the novel by Miriam Toews. It tells the story of a group of women who come to terms with their beliefs after experiencing a series of sexual harassment. A separate religious colony. This story is inspired by the true story of the Manitoba Colony in Bolivia.

Claire Foy Jessie Buckley The film is made with talented actresses, starting with Rooney Mara and Frances McDormand. "Women Talking" is one of the films that has not been released in Indonesia yet.


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