Here are 10 proven ways to help your brain write like a machine when you are stuck. Apply these strategies on a daily basis and no one can stop you.


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Do you remember when you were watching cartoons on TV and a character got an idea? You could see a bulb over his head, and day by day, without even realizing it, they became attached to each other in your subconscious.

Why is this light bulb accompanied by the sudden presence of ideas?

My thoughts are that this person is switching his brain on and off, and whenever he switches it on, the bulb lights up.

The brain is God’s masterpiece. No one can imagine the abilities of this soft organ and how it works, its undiscovered capabilities, and the role it plays in our lives.

Although our brain controls most of our actions, moves, and too many to mention, I am here to tell you how to tame it, how to use it for writing at the perfect time, and how to help it get into the writing mode.

Realize your ritual.

A ritual is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, actions, or objects performed according to a set sequence.


Every one of us has a ritual when doing a specific thing.

To get into the morning peace of mind state, you may start with a cup of coffee while listening to classical music. This may be your ritual.

When writing, rituals differ from one person to another.

I can’t write while music is playing; some others can.

You need to find your ritual, which will become a habit, to tell your brain that it’s writing time, so whenever you start preparing your setting (time and place), and your tools, you are giving your brain an indication that it must jump into the writing zone.

The best way to find your ritual is to look back at which piece you wrote was the best and the most self-satisfying.

Remember what things you did while writing, where you were sitting, and at what time, then try to copy that.

Last but not least, find your ritual.

Break your routine

If you are someone like me, I used to start my day in what I now call the worst routine ever.

As a beginner, I’ve always started my day by checking my emails, social media engagements,Google Analytics, replying to comments, and every action of those that waste my time.

I know that beginners like to see the results of their work, but doing this before writing will definitely result in telling your mind that it’s time for self-bragging, not writing.

Keep in mind that all the above things I’ve mentioned are extremely important but only if they’re done at the proper time.

After you finish writing, you will have time before the next post to promote, check, engage, and analyze.

Change your location

Sometimes small things make a big difference.

It is greatly beneficial to change your location when you’re not in the mood. Besides, sitting on your chair for a long time and looking at the screen gives you the feeling of being a machine.

You need to psychologically change your state by changing your place.

I always go to my roof, where I watch my flowers planted in pots, where I find calmness and peace of mind, recharge my batteries, and start writing.

Do not be afraid if you want to change your location. Make some changes and you’re on the right track.

Play the lecturer role

When you are stuck, imagine yourself standing in front of a crowd lecturing about your topic.

While talking loudly, you will find that your brain will fake the scenario and provide you with endless ideas.

You may find this funny, but I’m used to lecturing imaginary people with my small whiteboard and marker next to me.

I write down every idea that comes into my mind on the board, and then when I’m done, I move to the laptop and expand my ideas very easily.

Get prepared before

Getting into the flow sometimes takes a lot of time.

You simply find yourself stuck without knowing where to start even if you know what you’re going to write about.

A good practice is to be prepared a time before.

I find it easy when I come to write, armed with my pre-prepared notes, screenshots taken from other sites to enhance my ideas, and my whiteboard.

Once you start with the first sentences, you get into the flow, and from there, everything becomes easier.

Isolate yourself

Men generally, unlike women, are more vulnerable to distraction. They’re not able to do more than one task at a time. This is how we are made.

How many times have you turned the music off in your car when you are in a traffic jam?

You see, you’re probably laughing now.

When you want your brain to jump into the writing zone, isolate yourself from the outside distractors, everything that may push your brain to change the lane.

Ladies, cheer up.

Clear your head

Sometimes we feel stressed and overwhelmed, and this is normal for writers. Only you- the bloggers- know how much effort you need to put into your posts in order to be satisfactory.

Many people think that blogging is just putting words in blocks and publishing them.

They never know how stressful it is to write a perfect blog post, even though I recommend not looking for perfection because nobody will achieve it.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Vince Lombardi

Now let me salute you, my friends.

When you feel stressed, take a break, go for a walk, meditate, or listen to music. Don’t push your brain to the limits.

Give some time for yourself, come back, and start again.

You will notice that when you clear your head, new content ideas will come up on the same topic or even on another topic, write them down to use them later.

You may also like to read about where to find content ideas.

Choose the perfect time

Choosing the best time for you to write is mandatory because it is a habit that your brain must acquire.

Your biological watch will then tell your brain to be prepared before and it will tick and trigger the writing mode when the time comes.

I have a habit of writing at dawn when everything is clear and peaceful, and no distractions exist.

It is great for people who are full-time bloggers to wake up early, do some sports, take a shower, grab a cup of coffee, and start writing.

Write your outline the night before

Half the mission of turning your brain into writing mode is accomplished when your brain knows that you’ve prepared the outline for him the night before.

If you ask me, I can write 3 valuable posts per day if their outline is previously set.

On the other hand, starting from scratch, it takes me two days to write one post.

It is a high priority to find time at night to prepare your ideas and create your outline for the next day.

Learn how to write a killer blog fast

This is what I always do. It keeps my brain in its comfort zone, knowing that it will be easy to build my blocks when my bedrock is steady in its place.

Stay away from your mobile phone

My last title on the list should be the first priority.

Nothing ruins your mettle and eagerness to write, more than having a mobile phone on your desk.

It is like driving a BMW, that always asks you to speed up.

Stay away from it, keep it in another room, and think about writing.

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As you have read, putting your brain into writing mode is something easy to do.

Some new steps and you are in the writing zone.

Your brain may nag and protest on the first day, but it will still be there in your head trying to adapt.

And once it is in the game, no one can stop you.

Now it’s your turn to tell me if you were applying these strategies when you write.

Which one of them do you find the most important?

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