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All of us would love to increase our comment numbers to see the comment section under our blog posts filled with comments that may be more encouraging and motivating than any other statistics we may look for.

Studies show that most people are considered lurkers who just read and leave the blog without contributing or engaging.

As a beginner, you might have at any point suffered from not getting comments on your blog. The statistics also show that out of 100 visitors, you might get one or two comments.

But this is normal because people tend to leave your page once they finish reading for many reasons, like:

  • They found your content invaluable and don’t deserve even a read.
  • They didn’t find answers to their questions.
  • They are lazy enough to leave a comment.
  • You didn’t set up the comment section properly.
  • They don’t feel secure leaving their personal data in front of people.
  • They don’t find the comment section.

In this post, we will share 10 proven tips and tricks to boost readers’ comments on your blog, so stay tuned.

Leaving a call to action (CTA) will increase comment numbers.

The last line of your post in the conclusion section should contain a CTA, which is a call to action.

This means calling your readers to do an action for you like commenting, following, and sharing.

The best type of CTA is asking a question at the end that leads the readers to leave a comment in order to participate in your work.

It also leaves an impression that you care about your readers and that you’re not dealing with them as customers but rather as friends.

Formulating a question is very easy. It should be relevant to your topic and ask for more information that you might have missed when writing.

If you look at my CTA question at the end of this post, you will notice that I am actually asking for more tips to be added if they exist.

This not only helps in building a community around my blog, but also gives me more content ideas to write about later.

So, whenever you want to publish a post, check before clicking the publish button that you have left a CTA question for readers to engage with.

Interact with your readers.

Readers leave comments on blogs for many reasons. One of these reasons is to build a relationship between them and the blogger.

So, they leave their words and thoughts, hoping for any exchange of knowledge, backlinks, or others.

To do so, they expect you to return the favor. That’s why you should be ready to reciprocate once their comments are displayed for you.

It’s not a secret that many comments take the form of “thanks,” “thank you,” or “thanks for the information,” but even these comments should not be neglected or considered unworthy of response.

Keep in mind that all the commenters are willing to come back to read what you have left for them, and that’s why you should take into consideration every single comment because this has a significant impact on users’ experience.

When users are happy and feel comfortable with your posts, they’ll definitely come back again and again.

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Be humble and respectful

Sometimes you may make some mistakes accidentally or leave a gap in information on purpose.

Some other times you may leave a grammatical mistake uncorrected or other tiny mistakes that you couldn’t find even after twenty revisions. Do not fret, this happens to all of us.

Readers tend to correct these mistakes or fill the gap of information that you left on purpose thinking that you don’t know enough about the topic you just wrote about.

What they do is leave their correction as a comment and this is what we want to happen.

As a blogger, you need to show these comments and not send them into the trash to make your readers feel safe and free to leave a comment whenever they want.

Even though it is frustrating to read negative comments on your blog but you need to train your mind not to be defensive and to reply in a humble and respectful way.

This will be seen and felt by all the commenters and will leave a great sense of respect for them.

It will also show that you are professional and worth following.

Get the comments rewarded

If you follow my posts, you will see that I always show the comments left by people and mention them in other posts.

This is not to say that my posts are valuable, but to show some respect to those who participated in my work and gave me a push to continue because they deserve my respect and trust.

So, whenever you find a space to mention those people, don’t hesitate.

Make the comment procedure simple

Not all people like to leave comments on others’ posts, especially if there are restrictions that prevent them from doing so.

One of these restrictions is the form they will fill out when commenting.

Think about it as if you were the reader. If you like a post and want to leave a comment, but then you find that you need to register or sign in to the author’s blog in order to comment, you are not going to think about writing a single letter.

Although registration forms are necessary to block spam users that may negatively affect your blog, they give you a feeling of frustration and a feeling of giving unnecessary information about yourself to others.

By implementing these restrictions, you are throwing obstacles in front of your readers, pushing them to leave without engaging in any kind of contribution to your work.

Keep your commenting form as simple as possible so readers only need to submit their emails in order to comment.

Keeping only high-quality comments

There’s no doubt that all bloggers hate seeing spam comments in their comments section.

Besides being hurtful to the total outcome of the blogging process, spam comments disallow others to leave their thoughts among them, which thus hurts the users’ experience and may affect their ranking as well.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to moderate your comments and block the spam ones.

By doing this, you are cleaning the playground, removing all the rubbish, and throwing it into the trash bin, giving real readers a serious indication of how professional you are and how safe it is to walk and play in your playground.

Go to WordPress, settings, then discussion, and follow the instructions in the image.

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