10 Ways To Make Yourself Better During Quarantine In 10 Mins Or Less

There’s always some time in the day to take care of ourselves.


Marvin Marcano

3 years ago | 2 min read

There’s an overarching message that’s passing around the interwebs right now.

  • You’re locked down so time to crush it.
  • Don’t waste this time.
  • You should come out with a new skill, business or body.

Some people are over it.

I don’t blame them.

Millions of people around the world have lost their jobs or got pay cuts. Some are at home waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Others have more important things to worry about.

For instance, someone they know, or they themselves are sick.

For many, this “level-up” shit is for the birds.

Some of us just want to put on a few extra pounds, watch our favorite shows, and hunker down until the world sorts itself out.

I say to you, good couch-marooned sir/ma’am, what if you can do both? What if you can do something to better yourself without having to devote yourself to unrealistic personal development?

Surely, you can find 10 minutes.

If you can, try one of these 10 tasks.

They may sound trivial, but they can enrich you mentally, spiritually, and even financially.

So before you fall into a Netflix hole or log on to start your remote workday, don't hesitate to do one of the following:

  1. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Make sure your friend and their family are doing well. Offer to help however you can.
  2. Turn off your devices, sit still, and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Let everything slow down. A 10-minute meditation can do wonders for your mental health.
  3. Pick up your favorite book and reminisce why you loved it so while skimming through some of your favorite moments.
  4. Hang out by your door, or window and watch the clouds go by, lost in thought. Remember that there is beauty even in a crazy, quarantined world.
  5. Order some food for a friend or family member and have it delivered to them. Good deeds bring about good moods.
  6. Take up a pen and paper and start doodling. Draw whatever comes to mind. It does not matter what it looks like.
  7. Log off from your remote work and take a 10-minute break. Make some tea/coffee and stare off into the distance. Let your mind wander.
  8. Put on your favorite song and turn it up, nice and loud. Get up and shake your hips a bit. (WARNING: this can go on for more than 10 minutes).
  9. This one may be a bit sobering, but spend 10 minutes checking your accounts and going through your finances. This can give you a great perspective and help you build a gameplan on how to increase your income.
  10. When the day is over, pull out a piece of paper and write 10 things you are grateful for in 10 minutes. Find gratitude in the simplest things. And if you can’t find 10, you probably need to write 20.


Your quarantine life does not need to be perfect. We’re getting accustomed to a new normal. We aren’t all supposed to turn into beautiful butterflies because we’re cocooned. At the same time, we can spend a little time working on our health, mindset, and happiness.


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