11 Ways Your Business Can Thrive Using Salesforce 2021

A powerful tool that helps businesses in a myriad of ways including bringing customers together.


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3 years ago | 5 min read

For any business that relies on a number of salespeople, the opportunities for growth are always there. Moreover, even larger organizations have to rely on a large network of users to make those opportunities happen.

One such means of achieving that growth is through the use of Salesforce CRM. A powerful tool that helps businesses in a myriad of ways including bring customers together for amazing experiences and helping sales reps sell more effectively than before.

But Salesforce is not just another CRM to store your customer contact lists. If properly utilized, the platform is capable of doing much more and has the ability to potentially disrupt your business as a whole. The following are 11 ways your business can thrive in Salesforce.

1. Acquire more customers and triple up your conversion rates:

We all know that sales are all about interactions. Without a face-to-face or voice-to-voice interaction, it becomes much more difficult to sell anything or serve the real purpose of fulfilling the needs of the customer.

However, when Salesforce called for custom fields to capture social information in November 2016, things changed drastically. Nowadays any information held on other CRM platforms can be easily captured on Salesforce.

With such data and profiles at your disposal, you can pick and prioritize the best prospects based on their social data. This gives you a clear view of every prospect's interests, buying behaviour and demographic information – essentially what they want, rather than wasting time searching for 'hot leads' elsewhere when you already have them in hand!

Use this data wherever possible to engage with customers during critical junctures such as at the point of trial or purchase etc., so that you can clearly understand client requirements and exceed them with value-added offers.

2. Boost employee productivity and relieve workloads

Do you know how employees waste roughly 1.5 hours every day just looking for data? Well, with Salesforce that is a thing of the past. Cloud CRM helps mitigate cumbersome reliance on multiple systems which may or may not work in tandem due to compatibility issues. T

his will help your salesforce to live within the same customer data stream easily, thereby ensuring 10x improvement in productivity.

3. Increase revenue

In less than 20 minutes, you can access all records related to contract renewals scheduled for this quarter on any of your devices through the Salesforce Mobile App.

By using the app, your reps can log all leads and close dates easily. Depending on the individual use-case, you can choose whether to customize its features to suit your needs or follow the predefined Salesforce processes for efficiency and engagement. What's even better is that mobile access to client information helps minimize face-to-face calls which are the costliest form of customer interaction in sales.

4. Get clients up and running fast

There's a reason why 86% of business users prefer Salesforce when migrating over from another CRM platform.

With a unified data model, rapid deployment options and additional parameters such as industry templates, Salesforce makes it easy for users across your business landscape to get started with their first deal or campaign within days! Imagine how much time will be saved in deploying campaigns and serving customers with the help of Salesforce!

5. Increase closure rates and achieve more from every hour spent on sales

While there's an obvious direct positive impact on sales growth when a highly engaged rep is able to achieve more via Salesforce, there's a strong indirect impact as well.

Additionally, you can also optimize customer acquisition costs by analyzing trends and opportunities thanks to Salesforce's Advanced Analytics features that help make sense of your sales data in a way never possible before!

6. Prevent cost escalation and make better use of IT budgets

With the help of third-party app integrations and customizations, you're not only following industry best practices but also curtailing external development for customized CRM solutions which can be time-consuming and costly.

What's even better is that a cloud CRM such as Salesforce does away with the need to reinvent the wheel every few months because it evolves with your business needs!

7. Improve operational efficiency

As the name implies, sales efforts are channelized towards profit generation rather than 'putting out fires.' To achieve this, reliance on multiple disparate systems must stop so that everyone from analysts to managers starts making sense of their data at a glance.

Furthermore, your productivity and efficiency in completing key tasks within a set timeframe are directly proportional to its clarity.

Once the purpose is clear, Salesforce makes it easier to monitor specific goals and tasks via customized workflows which can be manually improved upon as well as automated via sophisticated plugins!

8. Grow faster and innovate

Across industries, 11% of global companies use more than 10 different systems for managing customer contact data. It's not just impractical but also ineffective!

With the help of a Single Source of Truth that gets rid of siloed data, your business will have a vast amount of data at hand, ready for analysis.

This in turn helps you get high-level reporting insights across all departments rather than relying on separate or closed business units for specific purposes only! For any business that aims to grow faster, making sense of sales and demand behaviour vis-à-vis every other department is an obvious competitive advantage.

9. Empower frontline salespeople

Make no mistake, the frontline business is where it all begins for an organization. But that does not mean your sales team is left falling short on key information from other departments.

With Salesforce, you can keep everyone in touch with developments inside and outside their silo while contributing to real-time decision-making! The platform also helps you collect data when it really matters – at the point of taking early action.

10. Measure ROI better

Sounds easy, yes? To some extent, yes! But if your sales are growing and incremental lead costs are decreasing in impact vs. growth then how do you measure ROI?

Unfortunately, most metrics fall short here because they don't accurately tell the whole story. You need to be able to answer who contributed what, and why they contributed so much instead of just saying how much sales grew or sales costs dropped.

Like any metric always focus on true indicators to show results of a change in efforts and success of your business strategy rather than on vanity metrics

11. Improve Sales efficiency and effectiveness

Support teams, specialist departments, sales managers and executive heads – everyone is on the same page when looking at standard reports via Salesforce to get up-to-date information.

It helps you go beyond competing for the top spot in terms of financial figures but also fostering a culture that works towards real business growth without compromises!

This is because all teams are looking at the same reports rather than isolated ones in a separate system or tool. With full transparency comes freedom, with freedom, comes high performance which ultimately leads to better revenue generation for your business!

So this is how your business can make the most of this "fastest-growing customer relationship management software." Ready to add your name to the list of companies who have reaped the benefits?

SP Tech includes a team of high performing salesforce developers and architects that can transform the face of your business and help to reflect positive ROI using Salesforce. Talk to our experts for a free consultation today.


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