12 Content Writing Tips For Better SEO

Content Writing is a strategy of planning, composing, researching, interviewing & executing blogs, articles or product description.


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Content Writing is a strategy of planning, composing, researching, interviewing & executing blogs, articles, or product descriptions. Content can be of any topic or genre and even current affairs that have been going on around the world. The genres can include topics like Travel, Food, Fashion, Living, Astronomy, Discovery &, etc.

While describing content writing many of us confuse content writing with writing articles, newspapers, press releases and that’s it. But no there’s more to Content Writing. Content Writing is a very vast term various things come into it.

Such as-
1. Video & Play Scripts
2. News-Letters
3. Speeches
4. Social Media Post
5. Web Content

And So On, but the content writing part is very clear though but now the term SEO is unexplained.
Well SEO is Search Engine Optimisation which means it’s the technique to increase visibility to your website and to garner more attention to your website and through that to get more potential customers.

A search engine is like a book library that uses to be in the schools earlier.
Considering SEO while developing your copy and captions for social media is an effective way to make your content more discoverable. It allows your content to be optimized which means more traffic to your page.

So how do you get those high rankings for your content needs?

How does a search engine work? In simple words, SEO helps to demonstrate your topic is the best result for the topic at hand.

Here are 12 Content Writing Tips for better SEO –

1. Keywords – Keywords are the key. Keywords are the combination of words or phrases that users type in search engines when they look for content. Think of all the things that you type into Google when you’re searching things and think of those people who may be typing in to find your content and use those keywords while writing your content. Keywords are the main language that search engine understands when they try to index what content is more relevant to what users need.

2. Optimised Headlines – optimizing your headlines can make or break your discovery ranking. In crafting your headline focus on three major headline preferences as numbers, users' needs, create instructions. Make sure by searching for those that have a high search volume. Keywords placed on your headlines will reflect those words related to your post.

3. Work on your tags & description – Aside from your headlines work on your description as well. Tags categorize your content and description gives descriptive information about your tags or content. These two elements help SEO to understand what your content is all about.

4. Link it up Page links makes your post more discoverable to your target audiences. And shows how your content is more relevant. Links give the user different experiences and it helps build traffic to your website.

5. Post useful content– Posting useful content would help you engage and get more traffic. Make sure that your content is useful, create pros & cons, Tips &, etc. It’s easy to understand & works best for the people.

6. Use targeted keywords– Always use targeted keywords so that they could reach out to the target audience. To understand that research who your audiences are? What type of content do they like? Why do they need that content information? And what keywords they’re trying to find it.

7. Competitors Analysis – There are numerous tools available to do the competitive analysis it helps you to gain an understanding of what keywords your competitors are using it. Study the keywords and you’ll notice it.

8. Write Drunk & Edit Sober – This doesn’t mean that you have to drink alcohol and write the content. No, it simply means write your content with your words flowing out from your mind you do not have to think about grammar just write it down whatever comes to your mind, and post that you can edit. Now edit sober simply means that while editing you have to put your mind very sharp you need to be focused.

9. Build Credibility – Always strengthen your content and build credibility. Put some statistics, quotes, and graphics so that people would know your research. It increases the value and proves that why someone should read this.

10. Arrange your post Always try to arrange things in a manner so that it’s understandable, it’s tidy also it looks perfect. At first, try to give some introduction, then the body, facts with some graphics the examples, and then the conclusion. This could help your audience understand the post or article.

11. Improve Engagement – Well when you try to communicate and engage with the target audience and customers they show a particular interest in your content. Which automatically increases your traffic and helps you to reach wider.

12. Optimize Digital Content. The decent digital content frequently comprises quick passages, short verdicts, and bulleted catalogs. Digital content should also be optimized for search using SEO best practices and the latest SEO content strategies.


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