14 things I live by.

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Anastasia Osik

a year ago | 1 min read

  1. When we break, we do it in the same pieces that the time before and the time before that, maybe more but surely not less.
  2. We’re unable to love anyone more than we love ourselves.
  3. At the end of the day, we’re alone with our minds. We better not be afraid of them… I’m terrified of mine.
  4. Losing yourself to love is stupid, you’re going to get hurt no matter what. And still, I look for love.
  5. I want deep conversations, open your soul to me. It’ll be fine. You’ll be fine.
  6. Stand up for yourself, even if you don’t see the purpose.
  7. I’ve been in dark places, places where you wouldn’t want to be. I haven’t returned yet.
  8. Happiness is the peace of the mind.
  9. I won’t judge, unless you give me a reason to. And I will be looking for a good one.
  10. I lost track of how little I care about existence. Once you take death into account, you start living.
  11. Every time I wish for happiness, because what’s more valuable than that?
  12. Don’t be waiting, let them feel absence. Because absence feeds affection.
  13. Be vulnerable, but only with the right people. You’ll know who, trust yourself.
  14. No one is going to save you.The question is, do you want to save yourself?


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