17 Digitalization Trends That Can Make You Rich

A new age started in March 2020 and digitalization is the king. Learn those trends to be a winner instead of being a passive witness.


Kenan Kolday

2 years ago | 4 min read

The world is not the same since March 2020 and will never be the same. 2030 seems to be the next big milestone for our civilization as we can see from United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Saxo Bank’s 10 Predictions, Biden`s Green New Deal, World Economic Forum`s mastermind Klaus Schwab`s vision, and more.

That is why the theme of 2021`s Davos Summit is the Global Reset.

Yes, the world is already changing in a way unseen before, and digitalization is the key. What is it?

Digitalization could be summarized as the process of converting physical products and services into online products and services as a result of enhanced and expanding computation and communication technologies and the internet.

It is not new and has already started. How?

  • PayPal has changed the way people can transfer money from one country to another and even in the same country with less bank-related bureaucracy and without extra fees and processes.
  • Telecommunication does not rely anymore on telephone lines but the internet.
  • We do not shop from physical stores as much as before and shop more online. Online shopping has been dominating shopping more and more each day during the pandemic.
  • 50% of book sales are on Amazon, according to the New York Times.

I am sure you can come up with more examples. The internet is the enabling platform for most of these changes in our lives. The world has become smaller.

What are the characteristics of digitalization?

  • going online
  • decentralization, enabling people to become self-sufficient
  • empowering of people
  • simplification of processes and steps
  • integration of people, devices, and equipment
  • going green

Looking at the past and the characteristics above, we can predict the next steps…

  1. CRYPTO-CURRENCIES — physical money will be gone entirely and be replaced by blockchain or similar type of crypto-currencies
  2. CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES — Cloud computing will have more use for the end-customers instead of its use for tough computing jobs. Quantum computers will make them more accessible. Office tools like Microsoft`s or Google`s will be mostly on Cloud. Memory sticks and physical storage devices will be replaced by cloud storage too.
  3. ONLINE ASSISTANCE — lawyers will be replaced by online apps, and only complicated cases will require them. The same goes for doctors except those who deal with complicated jobs such as surgery. Virtual personal assistants will be popular too.
  4. ROBOTICS — we will see more robots helping people and even replacing ordinary jobs
  5. SHOPPING — shopping will be mostly online through
  6. ELECTRIC ENGINES AND CARS — petroleum-based engines will be replaced by electric engines and emerging fusion technologies
  7. ELECTRONICS AND INTERCONNECTIVITY — all devices, computers, and equipment will be connected with each other, and human integration will be the next step
  8. LEARNING — Online learning and education will become more popular
  9. RENTAL SERVICES — Renting will become more popular versus owning in an economically turbulent period, especially with more people from the Y and Z generation asking for more freedom and mobility. There will be less need for offices, cars, hotels, homes, and even furniture, equipment, etc.
  10. MENTORING — Increasing mobility will require more coaching and mentoring and/or perhaps consulting. That will mostly be online
  11. SPIRITUAL AID — Spiritual coaching will become more prevalent in a world full of people losing their meaning despite the material riches surrounding them
  12. 3D PRINTING — will enable print&use technologies not only for basic parts but also for body organs. You will have to select the design and print it either at home or the closest print-house
  13. WARS — Even wars will go online, such as hacking wars, economic fights, trade battles, etc.
  14. TELECOMMUNICATION — Physical communication will be replaced more by online communication
  15. TRAVEL AND TOURISM — Augmented virtual reality will enable more realty than you can imagine at the comfort of your home, and thus, people will cut travel
  16. TALENT MANAGEMENT — It is easier than ever to find and develop talent without being limited to where you live. Online tools will enable more people to work remote and grow a career even without visiting the headquarters.
  17. GLOBAL INTERNET — Worldwide access to the internet is crucial to make everything above happen

I can see that you are asking how on earth it is possible to make money from these trends and others I have not listed above.

Please note that the paragraph below is not an investment analysis nor a recommendation. I am just sharing ideas about how our world is evolving with us on it and our civilization.

The idea is simple. Find the emerging trend and invest in it. Do not think of it as a daily win, but instead invest for the long-term. Look at how Bitcoin raised from a few hundred dollars to 40,000 USD within a decade. Stock exchange, buying shares, starting your own firm or a franchise, and more are only a small portion of what you can do to make money from the evolution of our civilization.

Do not merely watch the winds of change come and pass in front of your eyes. Be the change yourself. Become a game-changer.

With love,


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