17 Gorgeous Books Like Pride and Prejudice

Here are 17 other books to read if you truly enjoyed Jane Austen's work.


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We’ve got a bunch of books like Pride and Prejudice, and we love them all. So search our list of favorite literary classics to find some more books to love!

We all know about Pride and Prejudice, but there are so many other books to love as well. Here are 17 more gorgeous books like Pride and Prejudice that are just as captivating!

From Regency-era novels to retellings, these books have the sheer tendency of making embrace the power of true love without a second thought.

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Miss Darcy Falls in Love by Sharon Lathan

Now that Mr. Darcy’s found his happy ending, it’s time to tell Georgiana’s story! An accomplished pianist, Georgiana’s greatest passion in life is her music.

As she embarks on a tour across Europe, she discovers that there’s so much more to the world than she ever saw at her English estate. But it is Paris where she’ll discover both love and loss beyond what she could have dreamed of.

When two men, both opposites, catch her attention, they become bitter enemies. Georgiana knows that she can only marry one, but how can she break the heart of either when she cares so much about them?

My Fair Gentleman by Nancy Campbell Allen

If you’ve ever wanted to read a Regency take on My Fair Lady, this is the perfect book for you. Jack, an accomplished seaman, wants nothing to do with his grandfather, the Earl of Stansworth.

He’d rather spend his time exploring the far reaches of the ocean than with society. But when his grandfather dies, Jack inherits his estate, title, and wealth.

He accepts the title to take care of his sister and mother, even though it means putting his seafaring dreams on hold. And while he’s less-than-interested in life as an aristocrat, he admittedly can’t help but fall for his charming new tutor.

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