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Do you want to know how much yoga instructors make?

Imagine your ideal day as a yoga instructor.

As you rise, the light sparkles on your carpet. You stretch before getting a hot cup of coffee. Then journal, write and meditate. Finally, you reassess your flow and objectives after two private yoga sessions.Learn more on YOGI TIMES.

Isn't it common?

Consider this for most yoga instructors:

You get up at 5 a.m., before the sun rises, and rush to teach your first yoga class. After that, your day will be jam-packed with styles that will have you commuting all over town.

You're weary and barely making ends meet. No more international travel!

Returning to the salary issue:

How much does a yoga instructor make?

Is it enough to sustain your dream life?

The truth is:

What a yoga instructor makes depends on several factors, none of which involve how hard you work.

Yoga instructors will earn six-figures in 2021. (or more). Others will struggle to make ends meet.

Don't worry. I also have good news. Yoga teachers may take specific steps to boost their incomes. You're not here to quit your dream yoga career after a few months because you're exhausted.

How much do yoga instructors make? Let's take a closer look. My finest tips for making six figures as a yoga instructor will follow in 2021. So let's start the celebration.

Yoga teachers make a lot of money, according to Google.

Glassdoor says the typical yoga teacher makes $47,000, while CNN says it's closer to $62,000.

Assume $54,000 is the median.

"That's not so bad; I'd be happy with $54k a year," some of you may be thinking.

Do the arithmetic and see how many courses you'd need to teach to break even.

Pay per class for a yoga instructor. The hourly rate of a yoga instructor.

For simplicity, let's answer both questions:

First, an hour of studio yoga costs about $35.

How much does a yoga teacher make?

Only teaching in yoga studios for $54,000 a year requires six classes per day, five days a week. Not to mention vacation and sick days!

You'll burn out teaching 30 classes every week.

Maybe you could do some private yoga instead of classroom lessons. But, instead, you keep driving around town, spending money on gas or public transit.

Keep in mind the following:

No pouring from an empty cup. It's trite but true.

You do your consumers and students a disservice if you're fatigued.

However, you can earn a nice living as a yoga teacher and focus on your students.


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