2023's top multiplayer video games

Multiplayer games frequently result in a lot more fun when you party up with your friends whereas single-player games are more about the story and experience.


Duane Joyce

5 months ago | 1 min read

Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset is a very cool longboard skating game played from the third-person perspective. You'll be in charge of Tanuki, a skateboarding raccoon, as he rides along winding roads into the sunset. Skybound highways in tanuki sunset are hard to skate on. It starts out pretty easy as players learn how to use the analog stick to control Tanuki's speed, move the board, and collect money for later use. But when it's time to drift, the first big problem will show up. In this game, drifting is best described as "sharp," because it looks like Tanuki could do a full U-Turn almost as soon as the drift starts. The best way for players to learn how to drift is to keep falling into the neon abyss.

Riot games

The number of new Maps and Agents added to the game since Valorant's introduction in 2020 has increased significantly. With the development of a strong esports industry, the game's popularity has undoubtedly increased. But as the pros battle it out on stage, you and your friends can get together for a fun round of unrated matches to see who racks up the most frags.

Overwatch 2

There is a lot of in-game enjoyment in Overwatch 2, which has a much more refined appearance and improved in-game experience. Overwatch 2 has a number of co-op modes available if you just want to enjoy the graphics and gameplay with your friends without having to worry about competition, and it now supports party sizes of up to 5 instead of 6 like in the predecessor.


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