21st Century Generation

Some old social norms don't want to accept the changes of time so they blame present young generation responsible for all these.


vishakha bohra

2 years ago | 3 min read

We are not LOST Generation , We are ALIVE Generation

We , Humans are living from a long while in this world. We have brought evolution from “Early human to Human civilisation”. And now we are living in modern civilisation .Every civilisation consider their youth as main hardworking and contributing generation to the world. But there are few such things or appreciation given to the 21st century youth as like today's youth are not worthy for all these appreciations.

According to Hindu religion there were 4 Yugas namely Satyug , Tretayug , Dwaparyug and Kalyug . At present we are living in Kalyug. According to society, its the Yuga where majority of evils and bad omen exist . #the worst time to live. But all evil things existed in early Yugas also. They also had their positive and negative characters. Why only this time period is considered full of negativities? How only this time will have mean people? why youth and kids are taunted for being of this time.

People say that ," kids/ youth of this time do not have that spark of our time, how these modern kids will understand basic etiquette , they can't do the hardwork we did, they can't handle the problems we faced etc. Society wants to see their mirror image in youth. They don't want to accept the change of Time . Anything odd in their mirror image results in blaming the whole generation.

This mindset is arising lack of self belief in youth. They doubt their time, their generation ,comparing our young time to early youth, that environment ,that aura etc.which is decreasing their belief in present life. If we will think that old life was good then who will live in present life. Doubting ourselves , our time, is NOT OKAY .We can only do our hard work , we can only face problems of our time, we can only execute our life goals. We just have to live our life to the fullest. We have to stop blaming our life and generation.

Our generation exists with better and more positive side that few society people ignore. Youth today is broad-minded, we prefer to live in a non-discriminative society. Many friends don't care about each others caste and religion , we just want to maintain our friendship. Young generation wants to eliminate inequality in social components like riligion , caste, gender, colour, age etc . We appreciate the talent in society irrespective of all the above parameters. All of us have concern about nature, climate change, global warming , melting glaciers, increasing population etc. Thinking about the fact that , how we will survive in future if we lost our natural elements.

At present , girls/women , recognise new opportunities. We choose new measures for our career. We are able to compete instead of being eliminate, we want financial independece for ourselves .For all these new opportunities boys/ men also help women as brother, as friend,etc. The young generation is continuosly working hard for their career , facing their depressions everyday. Right now, even at this time ,most of the girls and boys,students are all passionately towards their goal , so that they can contribute in development of their nation.

Lastly, the young generation is awesome in itself . I believe my young generation, my youth that we have positive point of view , we respect our elders, so as we will continue . We just have to live our life , our world and our responsibilities fully .


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