25 Business and Money Making Ideas During an Uncertain 2020

The fact remains, we all need the extra cash.


Marvin Marcano

3 years ago | 5 min read

I don’t care where you are in the world right now.

The pandemic has affected you in some way or another.

You may have had the virus or known someone with it.

You may have lost someone or know someone who has lost someone.

Quarantine has you a bit stir crazy or affected your relationships in a negative way.

What’s more, your income could be in shambles right now.

Freelancers have lost clients.

Unemployment runs rampant.

Streams of income like rent or dividend investing, have dried up or lost value.

Now is a good time to pivot. We all could use another stream of income or start making some extra scratch.

And we should get rid of the excuse right now that nobody is spending. The pandemic did not dissolve money. It just channeled it in another direction.

As you’ve probably heard more times than you care, many successful businesses started during tough times and recessions.

That’s because these businesses added the right value at the right time.

If you’re looking to make money, start a business, or increase your income, you have to add value.

I’ve been brainstorming some ways to make money during these times (like everyone else).

I’ve broken these ideas down into a few categories:

  • Service reposition
  • Making transition easier
  • Helping others make money
  • Entertainment
  • Fear

Feel free to add your ideas in the comments. Hopefully, someone can take an idea and start earning.

Reposition your services

If you already provide a service impacted by quarantine, you need to pivot so you can still keep the lights on. Ideas to do this include:

  1. A paid video tutorial on how to do what you do, e. g., cut hair, bake bread, cook.
  2. Create a paid e-book on cost-effective ways to implement your service.
  3. Try a 1:1 Zoom coaching program or group zoom coaching program with certification at the end, e. g., baking, mixology.
  4. Do-it-yourself box, e. g., dinner for 2 with cooking instructions.
  5. Pre-sell your services at a discounted rate so people can use once restrictions get lifted.

Make the transition easier.

People around the world need to work from home.

Some are still transitioning.

Other businesses are telling their employees that they will be out of the office for another month or two minimum.

They need to make their transitions permanent until further notice and need help.

6. Zoom/Video Conferencing Setup Service: Some businesses struggle with the tech. For a small fee, you can help others set up and teach them how to use the service. Yes, there’s info online, but some people prefer to learn through collaboration.

7. Office Setup Service or E-Book: If you’ve set up your own home office, you will know the best equipment to get for an ergonomic, productive space. Offer your expertise to businesses or create a paid book to help others set up their areas.

8. A quarantine manual/course: If someone is struggling to be more productive.

9. If you have guidance counseling, marriage counseling, or similar skills, you can hold a workshop to help stir-crazy families. Research shows an increase in domestic violence rates worldwide. If you don’t have the expertise, consider a paid virtual summit. Poll questions from paid guests and interview the expert.

10. Homeschool workshop/curriculum: Now is a good time for parents to experiment with different learning styles for their kids. If you’re skilled in homeschooling or specific learning styles, pitch them to all the moms and dads that you know.

Help others make more money.

As meta as it sounds, you can make more money by helping others make more money.

11. Hold group coaching sessions, workshops, or create a paid book teaching others how to start freelancing. If you make at least USD 1000 a month freelancing, you have some essential tips to share.

12. Financial planners can help others comb through their finances and adopt austerity measures. The fastest way to sure things up financially is to have more disposable income.

13. Have a car? Charge someone to pick up and deliver their products to customers.

14. Have you grown a successful online business? Take someone through the process of validating and setting up their own business.

15. Hold a workshop teaching skills that will result in more income: Email list building, dealing with sales objections, and Facebook ads come to mind.

Keep them entertained and together.

Netflix can only hold our attention for so long.

We need other ways to be entertained.

This works well for people with disposable income who are accustomed to spending money on entertainment.

We also need more connections. How can you merge the two?

16. Hold a virtual event that leverages your services, e.g., Zoom Sip-and-Paint.

17. Teach kids a new skill. Visual artist Melissa A. Matthews, for instance, teaches young kids the fundamentals of drawing and painting.

18. Dancers, musicians, and fitness gurus can hold weekly paid sessions, teaching their skills while having fun at the same time.

19. Hold your very own virtual concert. Get other entertainers to join in and charge a cover. You don’t need to be an entertainer too. You can be a promoter.

20. Host your version of GoggleBox: GoggleBox is a popular British show where regular families react, and critique shows from their own homes. Choose a show, charge a small cover, hold a Zoom event where everyone could enjoy the show together.

Address their fears

These difficult times exposes a lot of our fears. We will pay money to keep ourselves safe and regain what we’ve lost. It’s not capitalistic if you can serve others while still being fair (no $70 hand sanitizer).

21. Sanitizing services: Reach out to businesses offering to sanitize their office spaces. Rent or borrow some sanitizing equipment. Get to work.

22. Mask Making: Despite the thousands of manufacturers out there, there’s still a market for masks. Borrow a sewing machine and learn how to make it. Hire some local help and start selling. Great social responsibility would be to give one free mask to those in need for every mask you sell.

23. Do personal shopping for those unwilling to head out or immunocompromised. Sanitize the goods before delivery.

24. Do you have HR experience? Try a complete virtual coaching program where you can help others craft a resume, learn to network, and prepare for a virtual interview.

25. Mindfulness training: We’ve all built up fears based on media consumption, job losses, and failing world economies. We need help addressing those fears. Host mindfulness sessions, Zoom daily meditations, and mindset coaching.

Ready To Earn?

Try one of these methods and start fortifying your income.

Simply define your offer, then post on all your social media accounts to gauge if persons would be interested. You will get some initial traction from those who like and trust you.

Then get testimonials. Ask your success stories to tell others while you keep pitching in groups and to referrals.

Ain’t no shame in this game. It’s going to take some hustle, but we have to work like the rent is due.

Because it is.

If you have another idea, I’d love for you to share it.

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