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The 3 best weather APIs with a free option

A weather API is essential to simplify your task and you save hours of development to rebuild everything


vander otis

3 months ago | 2 min read



Whether you want to develop a weather application or service for a customer, deploy an application of weather forecasts on the marketplace (play store, app store, etc.) or simply fill your portfolio with a project including the weather, a weather API is essential to simplify your task and you save hours of development to rebuild everything from scratch( starting from scratch in the jargon).

Choosing a weather API can prove to be a laborious job as there are so many choices available and finding one with the right free option is even more so.

In this article, I have chosen 3 of the most used APIs and I present the main features available for free.

You will probably find more interesting features such as forecasts on hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones, water levels of some rivers, seas, etc., in the respective documentation of each service.


OpenWeather is probably one of the most popular, it is ideal for data such as forecasts, current conditions, history, weather warnings and much more.

The integration of this API requires obtaining an API key that you can obtain when you register on their sites.

They have a fully free plan and a premium option starting at $40/month if you want to access more features.


Another great option for weather APIs that have accurate forecasts minute by minute and every hour on any location on Earth is AccuWeather.

AccuWeather allows data to be presented in over 40 languages and dialects.They have a free option for 50 calls per day and a one-key/developer allowance.

Afterwards, you can choose one of their paid packages, starting at $25 per month.


Is a fantastic weather API trusted by big companies like Microsoft, Schneider Electric and Warner Bros.

Their API is full of weather information ranging from multi-year history to very recent weather forecasts.

This API has a free plan but you can later choose one of the plans paying from $9.99/Month. The API also supports major programming languages, including PHP, Python, JQuery, etc.


Many weather APIs are available and could be added to this list. However, I tried to arrive with the top three, the most popular and used by large companies. With these three options, you can meet most of your needs.


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