3 Core Demands that Comes With Your Becoming Successful

You become successful after you show that you can meet these demands.


Joshua Idegbere

3 years ago | 3 min read

Do you know why most people can't be successful even if they desire to? It is simply because the only thing they see is their being successful. Nothing else.

The truth is, if people can simply sign up for the inconveniences that come with being successful, success will take care of itself.

There is nothing wrong with desiring to be successful. In fact, it is questionable if you don't have that desire. Because it is human nature to want a better life - no matter how successful we are right now.

But stopping at the stage of desire will never bring success. Success is earned. You have to pay the price to become successful and continue to renew the contract to keep being successful.

But what is the price of success?

The price of success is the same as the habits, practices, behaviors, and mindsets it takes to meet the demands of becoming successful.

Your desired success will only materialize after you train yourself to become the person it takes to meet those demands.

Here are 3 core demands that come with being successful:

1. Maintaining the Routine and Habits that Birthed the Success.

This is why many people leave the race and rather choose to be average. Because they can't just keep up with this demand. This could be either because of not having enough time for it or because it is really difficult to keep up with.

In life, until you show you can keep with those routine and daily habits, you can't be successful no matter how much you desire it.

Success only answers to those who have over time demonstrated that they can sustain the behaviors, habits, and routines that can birth and sustain the success they desire.

If you can't maintain what you desire, what is the need of having it in the first place? So life just allows those who can't be consistent to not even taste of the success.

But if you can be consistent with those behaviors, habits, and routines, you eventually achieve the success you desire without fail.

2. Holding Yourself to higher Standards.

The moment you stand shoulder higher above your peers, most people start to perceive you as perfect. Meaning, you can't just go away with behaviors that others may go away with.

Now people perceive you as a role model and expect you to live up to that standard. And the only way there is to hold yourself to higher standards both in your personal and work life.

You will have to think like a leader. And behave like one. In a nutshell, you have to put in more work. You now have to be a step ahead in learning, improving yourself, and refining your skills.

That's the only way to remain relevant and scale to higher ground in your field.

3. Meeting the Needs of Your Audience. Even When You Don’t Feel Like it.

Success is a call to duty. You will need to deliver to your fans, friends, colleagues, or shareholders, any time they call for it.

You can't just relax like everyone else. Else you will lose the trust and confidence they have for you. You must have to show that you are there for them when they need you. That's been a leader, not just a titleholder or figurehead.

Almost everyone that has an account on Medium writes. But the leaders here show up at least 3 times a week. You have to show up for those who choose to follow you. That's a way of showing appreciation for their being a follower.

The type of leader that shows up is the one that inspires confidence and acts the part.

Final thought

If you want to be successful in life, first desire it but don't stop there. Go beyond desiring to be successful to Daily committing to the habits and behaviors consistent with that success.

The truth is, you can never beyond the level you are willing to commit to the inconveniences of sustaining the success you desire.

Just sign in for those inconveniences, and success will take care of itself.


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