3 Developer Side Hustles That Will Make You Money Right Now

How you can start today to see your wallet getting bigger with your coding skills.


Piero Borrelli

3 years ago | 2 min read

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Coding is not enough.

That’s what you as a developer may have thought counting digits at the end of every month. Coding is a well-paid profession, but more money never hurts, especially during a pandemic.

If you have ever wondered how to make more money with the coding skills you have, I’ve written this guide for you.

Please note: I decided to leave out side-hustles like freelancing or building applications because those are extremely risky or won’t probably pay you before a long time. While the goal of this article is to show you how you can start making money straight away this month.

Let’s start.

1. Writing Technical Articles

Seriously, writing tech articles is one of the most paid businesses related to writing out there. Hundreds of companies are looking for talented writers to produce quality content for their blogs. And they are paying big bucks for it, up to 500$ for a 1500 words post.

Usually, you will need some experience before collaborating with such firms, such as having a portfolio of articles you’ve written. But sometimes, while you’re candidating yourself, you can propose an article you’ve just written just for that occasion, making a writing portfolio not necessary.

And please, let’s not forget about the amazing tool that I’m using to communicate with you right now. Go grab a 5$ Medium partner program subscription and you start producing content right now.

Technology is one of the most researched topics on Medium, which has tons of incredible communities related to coding. If you are skilled enough and constant, you can truly see money coming in from the first month.

If you are interested in how to make money on Medium or writing for tech companies, here I leave you some detailed guides on how to do that so you can go deeper on the subject:

2. Mentoring

On mentoring platforms, you will see a starting price for a tutor usually set at 15$ for 15 minutes. Not a bad price at all if you can manage to that for 2 or 3 hours a day right?

Mentoring is an amazing experience, you get to help people and possibly watch them grow as professionals while still earning good bucks from it.

Here, I leave you with a list of the best mentoring platforms you can apply to as a mentor and a few tips for becoming a top teacher:

3. Bounty Programs

Software failures are true problems for companies’ economies. They affect their overall income and the experience of their users. Bugs are not avoidable, but with a proper QA process, teams can make sure that their apps work as expected.

Yet, some bugs may always slip the checks, and companies know that. That’s why some of them instituted bounty programs. Which are initiatives focused on paying developers to look for vulnerabilities in their apps, or simply find errors.

Some programmers are making thousands of dollars every month working on bounty programs, and so can you. Just check out some of the following websites when you can find cool opportunities to improve your skills and reputation while still making extra cash on the side.


Making more money this month is possible. You just need the desire and the skills to start doing that. As you just read in fact, coding is not only an amazing profession itself but a great platform for building your wealth even further thanks to all the possibilities that your skills can open to you.



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