3 Important Reasons You Should Consider Writing Niche Articles

How you can begin niche writing in three steps.



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When you start writing about a niche topic, you question if this is the right decision or not. Some writers mention the pros and cons to specialize your writing on one particular topic. In reality, it all comes down to what do you really want.

First, let’s start off with what is niche writing?

“A freelance writing niche is a specialization in either a topic or a content type.”

“A topic is “what” you write about, and it’s probably the first thing you think of when you think of a niche. Examples include personal finance, digital marketing, and technology.”

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If you know a lot about a particular area or topic, then you may want to consider writing about it.

After you do, then you need to see if there is a market for that topic.

Are there enough people who want to read about this topic?

At first, the number of readers may be low. If that’s the case, then you need to do your best to stay focused. There will also be times you need to expand on your topic, get out of your comfort zone to handle the low reads which could be painful for several months.

Don’t be surprised if some readers are not genuinely interested in your topic. You have to recognize this and know who reads your work and who doesn’t.

The people who do are your true fans. That’s the market you are writing for.

These true fans will read your work, like your work, and some will even share your work. Then if you write for a publication, they can also be one of your true fans as well.

You need to be consistent and keep writing about that topic. Once you do, then these three things that happen.

1. Write about a niche that you enjoy writing about

Essentially, you are writing about a topic you love more than others.

When I started writing, I wanted to write about money. I never studied the topic in school but have spent a good portion of my life learning about money.

Money is a touchy subject, and I always wonder why. Everyone uses money in one form or fashion every single day.

You need money to live.

In my writing, I want to write about the topic and share tips that I have learned.

After I started writing, I saw cryptocurrencies were a niche that is new, few people know about it. Cryptocurrencies are also an area that can change someone’s life. When I started to write about cryptocurrencies, I started to see they were one of my most-read articles.

So I decided to focus on this topic as much as I could. This leads to the next topic.

2. You are the subject matter expert and you are teaching others about this area

As a writer, you can be the subject matter expert (SME). After you start writing on a niche, you become the SME which was said often in the Army. You become the go-to person for a niche. There are people who know about a topic and then there are the few people who really know about a topic.

You want to become that person. When you do, people will come to you. They will ask you questions about your niche.

Every day, I read and listen to experts in the cryptocurrency field. There are some parts of the field that I know very well and others that I am not an expert at.

You need to focus on your niche. You should avoid topics that you do not know very well but continue to educate yourself on this topic. When you do this, you create a writing specialty that no one else can claim.

3. Writing niche articles could lead to other jobs

I saved the best for last. If you truly want to niche on a topic, this could lead to paying jobs from other companies.

Initially, I wanted to write about stocks and investing but this topic is very common. I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel and write about topics that anyone could find searching online for the information.

Since I focused on cryptocurrencies, this was a new niche. This was an area that is in hot demand. I didn’t know it at the time, but when the cryptocurrency market shifted in 2020, I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.

This lead to several companies that I applied for to write about cryptocurrencies. In other cases, companies found me to write for them. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

When you write and want to develop a niche to be your own SME, these are some tips you could try to get paying clients.

1. You need to brand yourself online.

As a writer, don’t be afraid of marketing yourself online. It doesn’t matter if you are an extrovert or an introvert. You need to put yourself out there. Readers have no idea who you are.

Find a social media platform or two, and let people know what you do. There isn’t an easy way to do this but you also don’t want your marketing to appear spammy. People have seen spam comments and they don’t do very well these days.

You need to be you but also be original in how you market yourself.

There will be a few times that you mess up. Just learn from your mistakes and try again. There are billions of people online so turning off a few people is okay.

2. You need to be approachable.

Companies need to find a way to contact you. You need to leave a place for people to contact you. This could be on social media, email, and phone.

Personally, I let companies contact me on social media and email. If a phone call is necessary, then I’ll talk to them. So far, everything has been over social media and email. You have to have some trust in the person you are about to do business with.

3. Start off and give value.

You may want to make money as a writer or have someone buy your product. Doing this too early could hurt you.

What you should do instead is give value. Why would someone buy from you if you are brand new to an industry?

This could backfire and hurt you.

You need to be willing to give people free information. Yes, you may have learned a lot on a topic, but you also need to give a reason for people to trust you.

Just like the old saying, customers buy from people they know, like, and trust.

People have to earn your trust.

To do that, you have to be willing to give away information for free. This helps build your credibility.

Final thoughts

When you decide to niche, it is a personal choice. This comes down to your goals. Where do you want to take your writing?

If you want to take writing to another level, writing niche articles could be the way to go. You may know a lot about a certain subject that others do not.

Don’t try to please every reader because you won’t. Niche articles are similar to a doctor specializing in their field. Some doctors may be good at treating children while others are experienced at brain surgery. They specialize for a reason.

The same is true for writers.

Stephen King is known for his horror books and J. K. Rowling is known for Harry Potter. They developed a niche, and it worked for them.

Give some thought to where you are now and where you want to take your writing in the future.

Niche writing could be where you want to take your writing career.


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