The 3 Most Important Steps to become a Financially Free Programmer

In this article, I am going to tell you about **3 Skills** that I think every Programmer should have Assuming that a Programmer wants to create a Company. The 3 Skills are :


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In this article, I am going to tell you about 3 Skills that I think every Programmer should have Assuming that a Programmer wants to create a Company. The 3 Skills are :

  • App Development
  • Networking Basics
  • Data Bases

With only one of these Skills, a Programmer can have an Average Salary of 80,000 USD to 100,000 USD in the United States of America. Not only it will help you to develop an app or something. It will help you to equip the skills and you can become the next Bill Gates or the next Mark Zuckerberg. These are the skills that will help you out to achieve a condition of Financially Independent and also if not then you will be able to get a decent job in any of the reputed companies. These are the skills that any Business needs either to store data obtained by the user or to have something which engages the user on their product. For most of the time the users Interact with the Mobile Apps. To get in that field quickly I would recommend you to start with Flutter or React Native as it can Develop cross-platform apps like you just have to write the code once and now you can ship your app to both Android or IOS. But for that Maximum leverage, I would recommend you to learn both Android app Development and Web App Development. I think that as a Programmer you should be able to know how to develop Multi-Platform Apps. It is not something I would say that Cross-Platform Apps are better than Native App Development but cross-platform apps will take care of developing the same apps for two different environments and re-writing the code from scratch. For Web Development I would recommend you to start learning React. In that, you would learn to work with JavaScript, HTML, CSS using a web Framework. React JavaScript is the web Framework. This is especially the most recommended as React JavaScript is also available for developing Mobile Apps with React Native. By learning React you will be able to know how to develop Web Apps and Mobile Apps. Minimum work Maximum leverage. Being able to develop apps either for the Web or for Mobile was just the first step. You need to have some basic understanding of Networking. The most recommended topics in this are :

  • HTTP requests
  • Clients VS Servers
  • Working with API
  • Developing API

So that was Step 2 the main and Most Important thing that arises here Back-end Development Up until now, you need to store your Data somewhere this is the place where the Back-end Development part comes to play. Databases are the most important to learn and work within any of the App development processes. You can develop your back-end logic using any of these Programming Language, If you have followed my recommendation then I would suggest you go on with JavaScript, But if you have learned Flutter then you can go with Dart programming language. These are the skills that I think can give a state of Financial freedom to any of the Developer. The only thing left now is to figure out what to develop. These skills are the basic steps that anyone can learn with time and patience invested but the most important thing is to get an idea of what to Develop. Let’s take an example of Social Media Web App and Mobile App. You first have to get a web app where the users will get engaged then you need to store the data somewhere so you now need the back-end also to get the data stored to somewhere and to get the data from the users and to store it somewhere so you will need a basic understanding of networking also.


As a modern developer, you will be needing some sort of technology to develop something advanced in the times when social media like Facebook and Instagram have appeared. My suggestion would be is to focus on Mobile App development and develop something that would make the lives of normal users easier. Some Examples of good Mobile Apps are :

  1. Mobile Wallet App
  2. Health Care App
  3. Searching A product by photo and showing the users the best deal over the internet
  4. Home Interior Designing App

These are some examples of good Mobile App ideas. BTW these are already developed by some developers you can try to compete with them as here the variety of Apps is less so there is a high chance that everyone might like your apps. If you want some ideas about these Mobile Apps or Web Apps Comment down below and I will write an article on that too. That’s it for this article and I hope that you follow me on Dev and Hashnode


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