3 Key Lessons: Book Summary: THE COURAGE TO BE DISLIKED

Life-changing philosophy; MUST read for 2023


Poonam Bhatt

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The Courage To Be Disliked is based on Adler’s philosophy, which has a very different approach to looking at life and I must say it is helpful too.

The book is written as a conversation between a philosopher and a young person — Youth (who is asking a philosopher questions about life).

However, let me warn you, the book is a tough nut to crack.

Every question asked by a youth and its answer given by a philosopher can make you think and question your own belief system.

But, trust me, if you keep on reading the book with patience, you will learn great life lessons that will help you solve lots of your problems in life.


Here, goes 3 key lessons: book summary of THE COURAGE TO BE DISLIKED by ICHIRO KISHIMI.

  1. There is no trauma in life:

As a normal human tendency, we always stop, cry, and blame others for our worst situation. Then we consider ourselves as in trauma. But it is said in this book that trauma is just our state of mind, and is created because we choose to victimize.

2. All problems are interpersonal relationship problems:

In The Courage To Be Disliked, the philosopher says all problems arise because we have interpersonal relationships. If there was no one on this planet earth except YOU, then there would be no problem at all. Think of it. Problems arise because we have expectations from others, and we want recognition from others.

3. Have a separation of tasks:

There is a limit, a separation of tasks at a certain point in every task we do. Like, parents can guide their kids about what is good for them as a career option. Beyond that, there is no role for parents to interfere in kids’ decisions. However, parents, most of the time break that limits and force their kids to do certain things against their wishes. This creates resistance between their relationship and the child took decisions under the influence of parents that he/she might regret later. Parents can have a separation of their tasks by guiding their kids about what is good according to them and letting kids decide on their own what is good for them. Later if kids come back for further guidance then parents can guide them.

To understand the summary in detail, click the link: 3 Key Lessons: Book Summary: THE COURAGE TO BE DISLIKED

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