3 Lessons Bruce Lee Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship

What Bruce Lee’s JDK philosophy can teach you lessons in Entrepreneurship?


Yousuf Rafi

3 years ago | 4 min read

As a kid, I was always fascinated with martial arts. Movies like entering The Dragon and Fist of Fury were the driving force for my passion for fighting the bad people.

The thought of beating up bad people felt cool, and none other than Bruce Lee can teach us some cool things about martial arts.

A famous actor, director, martial arts teacher, and a great human being, when I started reading about Bruce Lee, I came across Jeet Kune Do (JKD) philosophy that Lee developed for martial arts. Still, we can use it to learn a thing or two in business.

JKD means “way of the intercepting fist,” Japanese people label it as Lee’s philosophy which Bruce Lee rarely has a style. Lee was constantly inventing new ways to overpower himself.

The philosophy’s core was to absorb what is useful and discard what is not favouring you and add your unique style.

Lee carefully studied all the martial arts techniques that were available and cherry-picked the most effective ones. And by giving some flavour of his own, he created a philosophy that is being followed to the present day.

I’ve read a lot about JDK, and I’ve used the philosophy in my business too. The process gave me phenomenal benefits.

I would love to share my learnings with you, which you can use in business and succeed faster.

1. Inventing Something New Is Not Necessary

In business, it’s not always about inventing something new. Bruce Lee didn’t develop the moves; he studied the moves, added his own, and created a style that became a reference for the coming generation.

Similarly, Steve Jobs didn’t invent a digital device, a mobile phone, or the first computer. He cherry-picked the best parts that worked well and eliminated the bad parts, along with a personal touch, and made Apple a billion-dollar company.

Photo by Vựa Táo on Unsplash
Photo by Vựa Táo on Unsplash

Google didn’t invent the search engine; search goes back to the stone age when someone thought of organizing their cave before searching for a hammer.

2. Focus On Strengths, Not Weakness

We can learn a lot from Lee’s philosophy. From work ethic to focus and being the best in the field. Bruce Lee leveraged its strengths instead of focusing on its weakness, and this, I believe, is the most innovative way to build your company and sustain it for continuous growth.

If you have specific business strengths, the intelligent way is to leverage those strengths and work on them to improve your business.

Lee became the master of his art. Practising 18 hours a day made him the best martial arts master ever lived in earth’s space.

“I don’t believe in pure luck. You have to create your luck. You have to be aware of the opportunities around you and take advantage of them.” ~Brue Lee

When I started my eCommerce store, I was excited to do everything from writing product descriptions to marketing to web development. But since I had limited hours in a day, I was only able to do some things.

I am good with customers, so I dealt with customers all day long. And I am bad at finances, so I hired a person for that. For every weakness, I hired someone else to do it for me. In that way, I focused on what mattered the most in business: driving sales.

Once I started focusing on my strengths, that is when my business started scaling fast.

3. The Only Limits Are Limits Of Your Mind

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there; you must go beyond them.” ~Bruce Lee

The modern-day example of such a person is Elon Musk. Musk doesn’t let anymore limit his belief.

He rejects anything that limits his thoughts and asks, “Why not?” Why can’t a commercial company develop a rocket and go on Mars? He not only put a full stop to the naysayers, but he also proved his critics wrong. Can you even imagine electric cars as comfortable as gas-powered cars?

One of the hurdles that modern-day entrepreneurs face is listening to people around them. Friends, family, and co-workers set limits in those genius people’s minds, and because of that, a business idea is wasted.

If you can imagine something, you can achieve it. There is no one way to do something. The internet is filled with videos, books, articles that can help you solve any world problem.

In the age of the internet, every problem is solvable. A little dedication and you can achieve what you dream.

Closing Thoughts

In the end, I would like to confess that I am a huge fan of Bruce Lee. From his movies to his work and his books. I have a t-shirt that I wear all the time at my home.

And if you haven’t looked at JKD, I highly recommend that you do so and learn some things about entrepreneurship.


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