3 Main Tips to Learn Programming

This is my tips to learn programming


Nadir Basalamah

2 years ago | 1 min read

Programming is something that can be learned easily with many online courses or some programming books. This is my tips to learn programming that can be applied in general.

Learn the basics

When learn programming, the most essential part is the basics including algorithm, data structures and programming language’s basics. Learn the basics is helpful to understand the core concept of programming and also become easy to adapt with many programming techologies or frameworks.


Practice is a good place to apply the knowledge that already achieved after learn certain programming language or framework. Practice can be done with solve some coding problems in online judgement such as hackerrank or other platforms. Another way to practice programming skills is creating many projects. The project can be simple project or complex project that could solve certain real life problems.

Share the Knowledges

Another great way to learn is by sharing the knowledge that already achieved. Share the programming knowledges can be done by writing some blog posts that contains programming tutorial. There are many platform that capable to write some blog posts specifically for programming like, hashnode and also tealfeed.

I hope this article is helpful. If you have any thoughts you can write in the comment section below.


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