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3 Qualities You Must Look Out For In a Lady If You Don't Want To Struggle In Your Marriage

In your search for a life partner, look out for these traits or encourage your partner to develop them if they don't already have them. To your success in marriage,


Joshua Idegbere

4 months ago | 5 min read


3 defining qualities of a wife material

A good wife is the greatest blessing of a man.

One of the best things that can happen to you as a man is to be in a happy marriage.

You'll live longer.

Marrying the right person will save you from fatal medical conditions like hypertension, depression, diabetes, and cardiac diseases.

You'll enjoy your days.

It is not actually the number of years in your life that matters; it is the number of life in those years that do. You’ll experience hell on earth with the wrong woman. Trust me.

You’ll raise better kids.

I'm yet to see couples whose marriages are in crisis raising the best kids. The crisis in those relationships is enough risk factors to mar the future of those innocent kids.

A good wife is a blessing

As a man, the person you settle with will affect your life more than any other single factor in your life.

That means if you end up with the wrong woman as a wife, you will be one of the most unfortunate men on the earth.

Your life will be full of crisis.

Meaning, if you have goals you are yet to accomplish, it will be difficult to achieve those goals. This is because you'll focus all your mental resources on resolving crisis in your marriage that you'll have little left to attend to your life.

Your kids will also suffer.

Because anything that affects your relationships as parents impacts your children as well. If you fight with your wife every day, it is only by a miracle that your children will have healthy mental health.

So you see why I said a good woman is a blessing?

If I may add, a good wife is the greatest blessing any man can have.

I have identified a few traits that I call three defining qualities of a wife material. If you want to enjoy your marriage, you must look out for these qualities.

Why? Because from experience, ladies who possess these qualities make a happy home.

Let's consider them one after the other:

1.) The quality that fosters relationship satisfaction

A lot of responsibilities come into the picture that impairs the quality of the relationship between couples in marriage.

Examples include having to buy a house of their own, prepare for childbearing, take care of the children's bills, adequately provide for the family, and a lot that requires significant mental and financial resources.

If these responsibilities become overwhelming could lead to stress.

And stress is a recognized hazard to romantic relationships.

For example, you could come down with chronically low libido following overwhelming financial stress. As a result, the quality of your relationship with your wife can be drastically impaired.

If unattended to, this can cause several marital complications that can fracture your marriage altogether.

However, with a supportive partner, this burden gets lighter. And you'll thrive.

Not just that, having your partner's support strengthens the bond you share, and fosters optimal wellbeing of your relationship.

Research shows that support from your partner is essential for fostering relationship satisfaction. When two people come together, they bring separate dreams to the table. Having a lifelong partner who supports those dreams allows you to thrive and become the best version of yourself.

A wife material is supportive.

Look out for a supportive lady. With her support in marriage, you will get a lot done as the head of the home and enjoy marital satisfaction and happiness in your home.

2.) The quality that you’ll make you a successful father

One of the measures of your success as a father is the quality of your children's character. If you fail in raising children with credible character, you have failed as a father.

But if your children are sited as a standard in character for other children in the neighborhood and in their school, you will feel so proud of yourself and walk with your shoulders high.

It is something to be proud of.

"A wise son brings joy to his father."
Proverbs 15:20

But then one thing is sure:

How your children turn out in terms of character has a lot to do with who they spend most of their time with — your wife.

She is the first teacher of the child. She transmits social heritage to the child. It is from the mother that the child learns the laws of the race, the manner of men, moral code, and ideals.

The mother, because of her intimate and sustained contact with the child, can discover and nurture the child’s special traits aptitudes, and attitudes which subsequently play a key role in the shaping of his personality.¹

Meaning if your wife has a strong character, your children will be inoculated with it easily and vice versa.

A wife material is a character builder.

But you can't give what you don't have.

So in your a wife, lookout for a lady who has a strong character. Someone who is faithful and contented, virtuous and disciplined. Someone who is truthful and honest, no matter what.

That’s the lady you should look out for. She will help build your home and help you become a successful father.

3.) The quality that will make a happy home

Men are naturally not good home keepers.

As compared to ladies, most of us are an unrefined and very unorganized set of humans who don’t really care what they eat. We eat junk and consume carbonated drinks and an unbalanced diet most of the time.

But it is important you get help with these things in marriage. If not, it will negatively affect your personal health, career, and your marriage.

It is important you keep a healthy physical environment, eat healthily, and have time to rest so you can rise up to your responsibilities with optimum energy.

For that reason, you need a woman who is domestic. A woman who can adequately take care or run the home better than you. You need a woman who can cook and have a knack for putting the home in a good physical state. In short, you need a homemaker.

A wife material is a homemaker.

  • As an Administrator and Leader of the Household:

She assigns duties among family members according to their interests and abilities and provides resources in-term of equipment and materials to accomplish the job.

She plays a key role in the preparation and serving of meals, selection, and care of clothing, laundering, furnishing, and maintenance of the house.

As an administrator, she organizes various social functions in the family for social development. She also acts as a director of recreation. She plans various recreational activities to meet the needs of young and old members of the family.

  • As a Manager of Family Income:

She secures maximum return from every dollar spent. She always prefers to prepare a surplus budget instead of a deficit budget.

She distributes judiciously the income on different heads such as necessities, comforts, and luxuries

  • As a Mother:

She is the family health officer. She is very much concerned about the physical wellbeing of every member of the family, the helpless infant, the sickly child, the adolescent youth, senescent parent.

These are the qualities that make a wife material - the lady that you need for successful marriage life.

In your search for a life partner, look out for these traits or encourage your partner to develop them if they don't already have them.

To your success in marriage,



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