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3 Signs Of A Trustworthy Partner

Without trust, there is no relationship. Here is why that is.


Joshua Idegbere

4 months ago | 4 min read


Look out for these signs in your prospective partner. If there are present, then I can assure you that you’re in safe hands.|PEXEL

Let’s start with why trust is important in a relationship.

Without trust, there is no relationship. Here is why that is:

  • Trust provides a sense of safety.

It is a risk to be in a relationship where you have no idea who you're dealing with. If you don't trust someone enough to keep your secret or not do you harm in your most vulnerable state, then that's not the kind of partner you should keep.

Your safety is important.
And you deserve someone who can guarantee it. This is very important.

  • Trust promotes growth.

Growth comes through understanding your partner. And understanding your partner is only possible when there are let their guards down and be transparent in the relationship.

This way, trust fosters growth because it allows you to be vulnerable and open up to the person without having to defensively protect yourself.

  • Trust ensures longevity in the relationship.

Aside from the fact that it guarantees personal safety, growth through understanding, trust also improves and ensures the longevity of a romantic relationship.

Trust is at the foundation of any strong and long-lasting relationship. Without it, the relationship will be shaky and will eventually fail.

And mind you, lack of trust is the main reason relationships fall apart.


Because, if you don’t have trust, it means you won’t feel secure your partner will love you and be loyal to you. After all, trust means you can rely on your partner, can confide in them, and feel safe with them.

I can't stress it enough that it is important to trust your partner.

But then you shouldn’t trust blindly. Alright?


What then are the signs that your partner is trustworthy or can be trusted?

Here are four of them:

1. They are self-disciplined

In other words, they don't cheat even when they can.

You can't really tell who someone is or what they're capable of until they have the resources and the opportunities to do whatever they want to do.

Anyone can be well-behaved when they know they are being watched or when you're with them. But someone who's self-disciplined keeps to his principles and morals even when they're not being watched.

Look out for someone who's self-disciplined.

Can your partner stay without sex? Can they keep their eyes off the opposite sex when you're walking together on the street? Are they able to discipline their urge in other areas or delay gratification?

If yes, then that's someone who is worthy of trust.


2. They are transparent about their intentions

If someone loves you, they will open up to you about their intentions.

They will tell you a project they are working on, a life challenge they are facing, an issue in their lives. They won't leave you in the dark in the important areas of their lives.

Transparency fosters trust.

In her article, 5 Reasons Why Wise Couples Cherish Transparency in a Marriage, Silvia Smith said something noteworthy about transparency in marriage and relationship:

" When you and your spouse know that you can be honest about anything and that you will always engage transparently and honestly, it makes it easier to trust one another.

In a transparent marriage, both spouses know the other is acting in good faith; they are less likely to be suspicious of each other both because there is a track record of honesty and because they know direct questions can be asked and answered.

Transparency in marriage also tends to eliminate the feeling that one spouse needs to snoop on the other–and the lack of snooping builds the trust even further."

Before you trust, look out for transparency.


3. They admit their weakness

The ability to admit weakness is one of the priced virtue to look out for in a partner. It takes strength to admit weakness. And the people who can admit their weakness to you are the ones you can count on and can trust.

The truth is this: The ability to admit one's weakness is a rare quality. Only a few people have it. Most often than not, people who have this quality are transparent, honest, and trustworthy.

Someone who lies in order to appear well in the eyes of others instead of to just admit their weakness and be willing to work on it will most likely also lie to you about other things. And that's not the person you can trust.

Before you trust someone, look out for the ability to admit weakness.

Does your partner admit they are wrong? And do they tell you they are sorry when they are wrong? If they do, then that’s someone that is worthy of trust.

Trust is one secret and the firm foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

There is no relationship if there is no trust between you and your partner. And that's why is more than important that you find someone that is trustworthy. Someone who is self-disciplined, who is transparent, and who also admits their weakness.

Those are a few key signs of someone who is worthy of trust.

Look out for these signs in your prospective partner. If there are present, then I can assure you that you're in safe hands.

To your better relationship life,



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