3 Things You Should Never Give Up In Your Pursuit To Become Successful

People who do usually later regret it. You don’t have to make the same mistake


Joshua Idegbere

2 years ago | 5 min read

It is important you’re successful. Success brings a lot of positive experiences and relationships into your life.

But then, the price you pay to achieve success is very important. If you pay too much a price, the success won’t mean much to you when you eventually get it.

A friend called in a few weeks ago. He was the class pastor in secondary school. We haven't been in touch for about 7 years. He asked for my address to come over.

We went for dinner.

He was different from the personality image I have of him 7 years ago. He is now a different person. He had piercings and a couple of tattoos here and there.

When he took me through a few things he got himself involved in, it scared me sitting next to him. It was too big a price to pay to get rich. He ripped innocent women of their life savings. A few were so depressed to the point of contemplating suicide before eventually blocking them on social media.

I shivered. "That's someone's mom. It could have been my single mother? Who knows!"

Kerman is real. What goes around, they say, comes around. Sometimes even bigger. Whether for good or evil.

That leads us to the first point,

1. Your Conscience

My old friend is a classical example of someone who blanked his conscience, compromised the lives and wellbeing of innocent women to fatten his bank balance.
He may be wealthy and happy. But his wealth and happiness have sent someone else probably going to the street begging for alms and support, humiliation and regrets.

He may be the richest guy in town, but when alone with his thoughts, those memories will hunt him. The guilt will be enormous. And he may go to his grave with regrets. Painful regrets that positive thinking can't atone for.

Is that the success you want? How would you feel that someone with potential and a wonderful future ahead of them is now begging for alms to fend for the children? Or worst still, committed suicide after being overwhelmed with depression?

No, there are prices that are too big to pay. Selling your conscience is one of them.

Learn to do a quick conscience check each time you want to make a major decision: "will I be proud of this act on my dying bed?" If yes, proceed; if no, retrace your steps.

Guilt is a happiness contaminant. Stay away from it by never seeking your conscience.

Do what is right because it is right. Avoid what is wrong because it is wrong.

2. Your Health

Good health is a success. If you have everything else without good health, you can't really be happy in your life. Happiness starts from within. Happiness and peace of mind start with feeling good in and about yourself.

Joseph Pilates said it better:

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”—Joseph Pilates.

Take care of your health. Not just your physical health, but also your mental health. You need both to lead a happy life.

It is a disservice to your body to compromise your physical health, all because you want to be successful. Or are you not aware that there is a life after you achieve that success?

A friend of mine recently had an eye problem. His ophthalmologist advised him to get a lens as soon as possible.

He was in his usual state of health until he started reading in a poorly lighted room. My colleague and I advised him to get another lamp, but he refused. Sometimes, he uses candles.

When he returned from his ophthalmologist, he went to get a new lamp. That was also the last time he read with candles. But already the damage has been done. Gradually his health is deteriorating. He adjusts the resolution of those lenses about twice in 12 months. Excluding the added financial burden of medical checkups and changing the resolution of his lenses.

A word is enough for the wise.

Prioritize your health. Nothing is worth compromising your health for. Nothing.

  • How balanced is your diet? Do you include vegetables and protein in your diet?
  • How regularly do you exercise and get some sweat out of your system?
  • How about your sleep? Do you work all night or stay on your screen late into the night?

Starting today, you need to turn the tables around. Eat well. Exercise. Work. Take good rest. Do all in moderation. That’s the maintenance your body needs to keep fit.

"Take care of your body. it's the only place you have to live in."
Jim Rohn

The Irreplaceable Relationships In Your Life

Relationships are important, but some persons and relationships are irreplaceable. Your family, your spouse, your kids, friends that became family. These are people who have an unconditional love for you. People you could call on the phone in the deep night and will pick your call. People who cry when you cry and pray for you to see better days.

You know them. Don't let them go. Keep them in your life.

Those nourishing relationships are the greatest contributors to your happiness. Make out time for them. Buy them gifts. Show them care. Periodically write them letters of appreciation for being there for you.

Your life will be a lot richer if you have these true relationships around you. Than without them. Those are relationships you can't buy with money. If you have them, value them. Nurture them and they will bring true happiness and peace into your life.

Do you have a supportive partner? Loving kids? How about a parent who cared for you and love you unconditionally? Friends who lifted you up and stayed with you even at your lowest times?

If you do, do you intentionally nurture those relationships?

  • Have you called mom on phone this week to know her well-being? Even if you don't live in the same town, when was the last time you paid her a visit?
  • How about your spouse and kids? When was the last time you all went for dinner? When last did you write your spouse a love and appreciation letter?
  • When last did you put your kids through on their mathematics assignments? When last did you play with them in the sand?
  • How often do you call your friend to come over for dinner at your house?

Don't let this week pass like the others. Appreciate and nurture those irreplaceable relationships. Let's make the irreplaceable persons and relationships in our lives feel special this week. Shall we?

Final words

True. You need to give up some things to become successful.

But then, there are things you should never give up or compromise in the pursuit of success. People who do later regretted the decision. You shouldn’t make the same mistakes.

Strive towards success. But know the things you should never compromise to achieve success.



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