3 Things You Should Know About Content Writing

In this realm of writing world, if you're struggling to pop up as a writer, read these three things.


tithi raha

3 years ago | 2 min read

Every day, a good number of fresh newbies step into the writing world. Some consistently move ahead while surfing the waves, others fail to surf and get washed away.

When i first started my career in writing, i had no idea what content writing exactly is. All i knew was, i have the power to curate content on any topic. I realised the power when i was in my school.

I was not a fond of study so the power of writing gave an additional boost on my numbers. So, after passing college, when i was unable to figure out which profession to choose- this childhood talent showed me a way.

I jumped into the ocean, full of excellent writers. First few months, i just kept wondering over other writers who had already made their mark on this industry.

I tried to figure out how i can be them. Yes! i wanted to be like them. I wanted to get known for my writing that too within a quick time.

But, as they say, anything worthwhile doesn’t happen in a jiffy.

“If it comes easy, it will go fast.”- Andrena Sawyer.

So, every day i started to figure out the best way to improve my writing, the best way to boost my career. So, here i’ll be covering up my learning throughout my journey. Take a look, ( don’t worry it won’t be long).

Improve Your Writing Only by Writing

If you think, reading thousand of books will help you to improve your writing, dear you’re taking the wrong alley. Writing can only be improved by writing. So, no matter what, start writing and don’t stop it.

Ever since i’ve started my writing journey, there has not been a single day, i didn’t write. And i can only see the positive changes taking place with every write ups.

The natural flow of words start coming in when you’re writing every day while brainstorming unique ideas.

So, don’t believe in myths that say writing can only be improved by reading. Reading can give it an additional boost, it can provide you a strong stock of words. But, writing is not only about words, it’s about placing them perfectly to create the buzz among readers.

Let Others Know About Your Writing

So, you want to make a career in your writing? But how do you make that without letting others know about your writing?

The mistakes often writers do is to settle down with whatever little income they’re generating.

If you’ve got the skill, why would you waste it, right? So, the second important thing you should start doing from the beginning is to promote your writing.

You don’t need to know any top-notch marketing tactics. You will figure it out over time only if you be consistent on it.

Improve Your Conversation With Clients

Don’t act desperate while talking with a client. Remember, if your writing has the convincing power, people will come to you. ( but be consistent on social media)

so, don’t act like you’re a naive and you’re desperate for work.

It will only ruin your chances of getting hired. Else you will be used by them without adequate payment.

So, improve your conversation while talking with a client. Be confident, be genuine, be smart.

If you’ve started your journey as a writer and facing the similar issues i talked about, don’t forget to comment below.


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