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3 Things I Do as a Writer You May Want to Copy

Sometimes you need to put on your blinders like a racehorse and run toward your goal. No one is stopping you. You need to be focused and disciplined to make it happen.



4 months ago | 2 min read


It all comes down to how bad you want it.

I’m trying to write a quick article today since my schedule is busy and I’m sure yours as well. But I really wanted to get this off before I forgot. Sometimes as a writer, you get an idea, and then when it comes time to write it, the feeling is gone.

Three areas you may want to consider

1. I time block my schedule

If you leave a message or comment on my article, in most cases I won’t respond until a few days later. I time block when I check my article notifications.

When your schedule is busy, sometimes that works out. I get close to 100 or more notifications a day. I go through every single comment and respond to the reader. I may miss a few occasionally, but I try my best to respond to everyone.

For me, this works out. It gives me time to read through the notifications and respond to my readers. My time is focused on reading and responding. It helps me to be in the right mind frame.

2. I write about topics that do well for every reader

After writing for close to two years, I have an idea of what my readers like and also what I like to write about. I have written articles that put me in the top writer category but couldn’t see myself writing too much on that topic.

Now I focus on four areas — writing, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and parenting.

3. I share my articles on social media

Personally, I don’t care if my article makes money or not. I look at the big picture. Not all of my articles will make money. These random reads could lead to an opportunity to write for another company which in turn leads to big money.

Sometimes you need to have a vision of where you want to go.

While writing on Medium has put me in the top 7% of writers for most of two years, the pay doesn’t make enough for me to sit back.

Every so often, I’ll get an email, or private message on LinkedIn or Twitter from someone who has a writing gig.

This is why you need to spend the time to update your social media profile. If you don’t have an updated profile, you could be missing out. A hiring manager will look at your page and move on if it doesn’t spark their interest.

4. Know your purpose as a writer

Just as I was about to hit publish, a fourth idea came to me. If you want to turn your writing into a career, you need to know your purpose. You need to have a goal on where you want to go and do your best to get there.

If you told me two years ago, I would be a full-time writer today, I would have thought you were smoking something. Writing wasn’t on my mind. I thought this would be a good side-gig to take up my free time.

When the pandemic hit, things changed. I had more time than I knew what to do with.

Sometimes you need to put on your blinders like a racehorse and run toward your goal. No one is stopping you. You need to be focused and disciplined to make it happen.

This was a quick article I wanted to get off as soon as I could.

Enjoy your day, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!


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