3 Ways To Find Inspiration And Stay In The Blogging Business

Here's how you can avoid burnout and keep being inspired to run your blog.


Mileva Stankovic

3 years ago | 2 min read

If you decided to start blogging but found yourself in a never-ending need to increase traffic while practicing SEO and building your social media, you need to stop.


Because of burnout.

Whether you like to admit it or not, burnout is a serious thing and it can happen to anyone.

Now, if you didn’t feel it at your regular job, there are high chances you might feel it while trying to build your blog as a side gig.

Here’s how to find inspiration and motivation and stay in the blogging game.

1. Take a break

By making a pause to reassess your goals and ideas, you’re distancing yourself from not only the amount of work but from the problems as well.

You’ll be able to look at what’s going on from a new perspective and maybe see what you should change about your website – or your relation to it.

While it’s hard to put your side-gig aside (no pun intended) you should take a weekend to cool off. You can play some of the best TV shows, or organize a special event with your friend. Do anything to take your mind off of your blogging tasks.

2. Look for peer support

There are thousands of bloggers out there who are just as stuck as you. Thousands successfully manage their blogs and earn money. There are also thousands in between – and you can reach any of them.

The best way to find peer support is to check Reddit. It’s packed with various blogging-related forums, where you can learn pretty much anything, from how to become a successful blogger to how to set up any WordPress plugin.

Having another blogger also helps with:

  • Keeping you accountable
  • Exchanging ideas
  • Showing support
  • Sharing knowledge

3. Look for different types of inspiration

You won’t believe how much you’ll need to maintain inspiration while you’re working on your blog. The level of your inspiration will affect not only the quality of your articles but how you write emails and social media posts as well.

Luckily, you can find inspiration both inside yourself and in the outside world. Again, take a walk or meditate to relax and find peace. Once you’ve calmed down, you’ll be able to keep blogging.


Remember that blogging is a long-term game. However, there’s a quote online that says something along the lines of – the only people who failed are the ones who quit.

Remember why you started blogging and how it made you feel. Relax, take the time for yourself, and find a blogging friend to help each other.


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