30 Amazing Mushroom Facts to Share With Your Friends and Family

Mushrooms are fun, yeah, but do you know what makes them even more interesting? Find out!


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There is always a way to have fun with family and friends whenever you get to have mushrooms. So, knowing some fun mushroom facts will do your mushroom experience some good.

Mushroom lovers can attest to the fact that mushrooms are quite delicious, fascinating, unique, and sometimes just strange.

However, no matter what your thoughts are about them, it is actually worth trying with friends and family. There's no denying they play a vital role in our world and are essential to the ecosystem.

Moreover, they add new tastes to your meals and offer a large amount of medicinal and nutritional benefits.

Here are some amazing mushroom fun facts to help you better understand this unique food.

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30 Amazing Mushroom Facts

Being your own farmer can be very relaxing, so when you grow mushrooms alone, it can be very rewarding.

Here are some mushroom-growing facts to share with your friends and family:

1. Mushrooms Use Cell Enlargement to Grow

Mushrooms grow so fast that sometimes it looks like they come from nowhere. However, some types of these mushrooms can grow and will take less than a day or two to spring up.

But most mushrooms will require some additional days to grow properly. This then calls for patience with anyone who plants it.

If you're curious, mushrooms can grow much faster than other plants and animals. This is because plants and animals use some kind of cell division to grow, and this is a slow process that requires time and energy.

In the early stages, these mushrooms use cell division to yield their growth. But, at some stage, they develop the capacity to grow independently to maturity.

Like plants, they require some level of nurturing, like a sprinkle of water and enough nutrients to help the growth process.

2. You can Grow Mushrooms on Recycled Cardboard

Does this sound strange or untrue to you? It shouldn't because growing these mushrooms on cardboard is bad for the environment and adds more importance to their life cycle.

If a mushroom can grow properly on logs or even trees, like oyster mushrooms, then it can comfortably grow on cardboard.

Although cardboard doesn’t have nutrients that are enough to make them grow properly, it still wouldn’t affect its growth, as you will be using some substrates.

Interestingly, mushrooms will also grow on paper, and you wouldn’t want to imagine how healthy they will look when you do see them at full maturity.

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