36 Irresistible Promises of Technology in a New World

The world will be much different than today by 2050. Are you ready?


Kenan Kolday

3 years ago | 3 min read

With Industry 4.0 and other rising technologies, we will soon gain new powers and opportunities, which would be called a miracle 150 years ago. The UN`s 2030 sustainable development goals will come true. The miracles of the past will become a reality one by one with megatrends.

Let’s immediately deep dive into the future world that will very soon become today’s reality.

1. Health

  • Living more than 100 years or perhaps unaging
  • Immediate replacement of missing body parts with the same organic parts or better ones enhanced with technology
  • Fast healing bodies with advanced medicals and drugs
  • No more births with genetic problems
  • Remote surgeries will enable getting the best medical service in tough situations

2. Education

  • Possibility to join the best universities and schools online and get a bachelor’s degree while living in Africa or Indonesia
  • Reading and writing can start at earlier ages, even when the kids are 1 year old with new methods
  • Everyone will read and write in the world

3. Working

  • Safer working conditions for humans by robots taking over routine, dangerous, unhealthy, unsafe, and costly tasks
  • Remote working will maximize talent management
  • People will pursue their dreams in a world of prosperity where goods and services accessible easily and with universal income

4. Traveling

  • Less capital investment on roads due to increased use of air traffic with aero mobiles
  • Flying from New York to Shanghai in 1.5 hours with super-fast aircraft that can fly in the upper layers of the atmosphere
  • Fast and convenient interstate travel with high-speed trains either underground or in specially designed tunnels
  • Tourism in Earth’s orbit and in the Moon

6. Quality of Life

  • Worldwide access to the internet from anywhere in the world
  • Easy access to goods and services not only in the developed states but everywhere in the world with drones and chain services
  • Robot helpers relieving humans from routine and boring tasks at home
  • Personal virtual assistants will ease our lives
  • Lower cost products delivered quickly to consumers with autonomous manufacturing plants relying on Industry 4.0, AI, and robotics
  • Super-computers available in the market as a result of quantum computing

7. Inequality

  • A fully democratic world with people real-time voting for daily matters enabling more integration of people to decision making
  • Living where ever you want in the world as a global citizen
  • No more foreign exchange differences with the use of one global crypto-currency
  • No more starving and hunger with 3D-printed foods and water purification technologies
  • A world without poverty with universal income and fair use and allocation of global resources
  • A world without fight, battles, and wars by global reconnaissance systems and the creation of a global confederation

8. Space and Ocean Discovery

  • Space colonies on Moon, Mars, Europe, and Enceladus
  • Asteroid mining will increase gold manufacturing supply and reduce cost
  • Underwater cities will create a new type of living

9. Energy

  • Green energy will dominate and save the world with the use of solar, wind, wave energy, and more
  • Electrification will prevail in passenger car industries and even trucks
  • The heavy vehicles and aircraft industry will use low-emission engines until they can benefit electrification

10. City life

  • De-urbanization will allow cleaner cities as a result of remote working and high-speed travel
  • A minimalist life with shared usage of cars, homes, etc. will bring more flexibility with less ownership
  • Buying anything will be much easier with augmented reality enabling using and testing a product before using it

In the end, this is all my personal deductions and I am sure there are much more. So, I would be happy to hear feedback and comments.

Remember that this is our only home in the entire universe. There is no other. The only future is the one we will create together. Hence, it is up to us to live and enjoy this great world together and drain the global resources or learn to live and work together for a better, fairer, more beautiful, and more equal world.

With love,



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