4 Of The Best Places To Live In The North Of England

Best Places To Live In The North Of England, UK - The divide between the south and north of England tends to be tongue-in-cheek, some of the top picks


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Best Places To Live in UK

The divide between the
north and south of the country tends to be played upon in a
tongue-in-cheek manner, however, there genuinely are a number of pros
and cons to living in many areas across England. People mention
differences in friendliness, community spirit, and most notably the cost
of living. It’s well known that the further away you move from London,
the cheaper it gets to buy everything from groceries to houses. This is
based on the now-dated mentality that the capital city is the best place
to be when it comes to having a career. We’ve put together some of the
top picks, especially for those that have the ability to live wherever
they wish, due to remote working.

Barnard Castle, County Durham
With people turning away from the excessive London lifestyle,
many are even considering working outside the busy city areas in the
north. South of Newcastle and Sunderland lies County Durham. This place
is filled with rolling hills, lush woodland, and quaint towns like the
wonderful Barnard Castle. Visiting this town, you’ll experience the
great hospitality of the north, with friendly faces and a welcoming
atmosphere. You won’t need good eyesight to see how beautiful this town
and its surrounding area are either. Several peaceful villages orbit
Barnard Castle, and the entire area is perfect for those looking for a
quieter life, away from the hustle and bustle.

Wrose, Bradford
The city of Bradford is incredibly diverse, boasting a young
population and great multi-culturalism. While it’s had an unfairly bad
reputation over the years, the city is constantly improving, bringing in
young professionals from around the country, especially those looking
for cheaper housing opportunities. Surrounding the city are countless
beautiful villages and towns, such as the village of Wrose, which has an
even more affordable housing market than the city. If you’re looking
for houses to rent in Wrose, or if you’re looking to get on the property
market yourself, visit

Ilkley, West Yorkshire
Technically still within the borders of Bradford, you’ll find
this town 12 miles north of the city centre, separated by miles of
countryside. This gorgeous town has all the hallmarks of a northern
town, complete with stunning Victorian architecture and well-kept floral
displays throughout the town centre. The town is incredibly welcoming,
although towns such as Ilkley have become so popular that, combined with
how beautiful the homes are, it’s pretty expensive to buy property
here. However, you can find several homes converted into luxury
apartments for rent or purchase.

Alnmouth, Northumberland
If you’re looking for a blissful English coastal town to help
you focus on your work, or enjoy your retirement, look no further than
Alnmouth. Voted as one of the best places to live in the north,
alongside Barnard Castle, this cute village that resides alongside the
river Aln is perfect for seaside lovers and those looking to escape the
stresses of the modern world. With some of the most beautiful beaches in
the country, Alnmouth is an excellent choice if you’re looking for that
staycation lifestyle with spectacular views right on your doorstep.


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