4 Creative Ideas to market your business during confinement

Difficult times call for innovative solutions


Allegue Wessim

3 years ago | 3 min read

With everyone turning to digital marketing during this crisis, competition became fierce and what would have worked in normal times now is failing.

But fear not, there is always something else to be done.

Due to the long hours I had on my hand these last weeks, I started experimenting with new ways to market myself and my clients. Somewhere horrific, and others proved to be amazing moves that can be replicated.

Here are for you 4 creatives ideas to improve your sales and boost your brand notoriety

Produce a song

I always had this idea in my head.

I tested it first back when I was working for a football draft company. I used Fiverr to hire a freelancer that produced me a muppet rap song. The results were great and the song generated some momentum with our audience. The best part was that it only cost $34.

During this confinement, I tried twice again. One time by producing a pop song for a clothing client and the other by producing a more elaborate rap song for my personal brand that cost $82.

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I will not share the videos of my clients but I´ll give you a snippet of my rap song that is still in progress.

Now you can also produce yourself a creative video or hire a freelancer to produce one for you for a low amount as well.

And if you feel brave enough, why not take online singing lessons and participate in the music.

Finally, be sure to communicate your message to the freelancers so they can translate your strategy.

To summarize, for less than $100, you could have great content to be distributed across all your social channel and that will surely be unique

Create a challenge

Easier said than done?

Well not really, you just need to adjust your strategy accordingly.

First of all, you need to create an easy and replicable challenge where everyone can participate. Make sure that it is pertinent to your niche. Dance moves and fitness challenges are trending like crazy lately.

Then, you will need to organize giveaways and to persuade your close circle to participate in it.

Finally, you will search for influencers within your niche and budget and pay them to participate in your challenge.

To maximize your chances, I would opt for this strategy to use mainly TikTok where it is easier nowadays to generate a viral effect and influencers are cheaper.

Live consulting or QA´s

I´m not talking about one of those webinars on zoom where people are just there for lead generation.

The best thing to do right now is to push your brand by providing an enormous amount of value even if it means suffering some losses in the short term.

Gary Vee, for example, is doing a daily consulting session for his followers for free during this confinement that he named ´Gary Tea´.

And if you can´t provide consulting due to the nature of your business, invite people into your world and hobbies by sharing personal experiences and solidifying your relationships. This always pays dividends in the long term.

Now is not the time to be selfish, people always remember the persons that were there for them in difficult times.

Use TikTok like Instagram in 2012

There was a challenge going on lately on Instagram where everyone was reacting to a story in order for the initiator to share their best posts.

I tried differently. I trash-talked the profile of everyone that reacted to that story. Of course, I asked my followers to make fun of my profile as well.

That´s where I started receiving concrete feedback. A couple of them attracted my attention as they were about posting multiple times per day or daily on Instagram, and it was even more interesting coming from a young audience. It hit me up: It´s not cool anymore to have mass content over there.

But guess where using Instagram like it was 2012 still works: None other than Tiktok. People post 4 times+ a day without being penalized and it actually boosts their chance of virality, so go crazy.

Have fun implementing one or multiple of these techniques and feel free to share your feedback with if ever did.

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