4 Limiting Beliefs That Stop Your Progress. And how you can overcome them.

If we can skew the thought process to more active and positive thoughts, we can dramatically change the trajectory of our lives.


Teronie Donaldson

2 years ago | 4 min read

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” — Victor Frankl.

Life is a constant battle.

Before we leave out the front door, we get bombarded with conflict — both outside and within.

The biggest instigator of the conflict is our mind. You cannot control many outside factors, but the factors within are all up to you whether you like to hear that or not.

According to studies, the average person tends to have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts each day. But, unfortunately, the majority of those thoughts get filled with fear, doubt, or negativity. Sucks right?

If we can skew the thought process to more active and positive thoughts, we can dramatically change the trajectory of our lives.

So what types of limiting beliefs keep us stagnant?

There are several, but four are prevalent — well, at least for me, and I believe they are for you or will be at some point in your life.

Limiting belief #1: Who am I to do this?

You ever achieved an important goal, and everyone seems more excited about it than you?

Yet, no matter how well you are doing, you feel it’s not enough — like you don’t measure up. That feeling is called Imposter Syndrome, loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud.

Imposter syndrome disproportionately affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments questioning whether they deserve accolades or praise in the first place.

Instead of acknowledging their progress, they constantly worry and fear that they’ll get exposed.

To deal with this limiting belief, acknowledge your feelings as soon as they appear. Track them in a journal or talk them out with someone that can help you. If you can confront these self-defeating thoughts head-on that is significant progress in changing your mindset.

Once you are in a better place to deal with this, ask yourself:

“Who am I not to do this?”

Limiting belief #2: I don’t know what I want?

The truth is, you may never know, but if you don’t try to figure it out you ABSOLUTELY will never know.

Not knowing what you want is an age-old dilemma in all aspects of our lives. And it is heightened by social media where everyone seems beautiful, rich, and has life all figured out. But if you look behind the façade, we all face a similar dilemma in one area or another.

We each have our own story, and what worked for me may not work for you, but I found writing out a clear vision of my future helpful and I encourage you to try the same.

I started observing activities I enjoyed and figured out ways I could make a living from them. I also took different personality and assessment tests to see where my strengths lie and do my best to build up from there.

It is an ongoing process of growth, but everything I try brings me closer to my purpose.

Limiting belief #3: “I need to know everything before I can start.”

Nothing limits you more than analysis paralysis. In ideal situations knowing everything would be great. But in the real world, you are not privileged to know everything. You will have to make decisions on the fly with the resources you have at your disposal.

Former General and Secretary of State Colin Powell once said in terms of decisions; he uses a 40/70 rule:
Never decide with less than 40% of the available information, and don’t gather more than 70% of the available information.
Anything less than 40% and you’re just guessing, anything more than 70% and you’re delaying.

There’s a certain magic to commitment and action, and if you wait too long, you’re going to miss it.

When you wait to get everything just right, it benefits one person — the one who executes first.

Limiting belief #4: “It’s too late now.”

A famous Chinese proverb says:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Meaning if you want success and growth in the future, the best time to act is now.

Most times, it is never too late. Even if you miss the opportunities, you can always upgrade in the present to become better in the future.

Too easily, we get bogged down with a failure and let it determine our future performance.

The best example I can think of is with the NBA great Kobe Bryant (rest in peace). During his rookie season. Kobe put up four airballs in the fourth quarter and overtime against the Utah Jazz in the 1997 NBA Western Conference Finals.

Many criticized him, saying “It is not a rookie’s place to take those shots,” for other players, the judgment from peers and colleagues alone would have killed their spirit. Not for Kobe.

While the rest of his Lakers teammates went home, Bryant went to a high school in Pacific Palisades, found someone to open up the doors for him, and shot jumpers all night long, refusing to go home until the sun came up.

Just 18 years old at the time, Kobe knew he wanted to be better than what the entire world had witnessed in that game. It wasn’t too late. As we have seen, he became one of the best athletes in history.

Remember, it is never too late; don’t waste a single day — take advantage of it, upgrading your skills.

Limiting beliefs are always going to be present. However, you will have to remember that there is a choice to give in to them or get past them every day.

What will you choose to do?

I hope this was helpful to you.

Take Care


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