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If you're trying to book a trip to the Palmetto State, it's important that you understand the best areas to visit. South Carolina tourism was bringing in $24 billion per year pre-pandemic.

As more people begin traveling, South Carolina should remain high on anyone's list because of the sheer amount of attractions and things to do. Understanding the best places to visit in South Carolina will help you out.

Here are some of the best South Carolina tourist attractions that you can look into when you're planning a vacation.

1. South of the Border

If you've ever traveled up and down the east coast, you're probably very familiar with South of the Border. This is an area of shops, carnival games, restaurants, and other attractions situated at the North Carolina/South Carolina border.

Making a pit stop to South of the Border is an excellent appetizer for your vacation in South Carolina. Take plenty of photos so that you're accumulating memories, and pick up some souvenirs and merchandise that you'll remember.

2. Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade

Myrtle Beach is one of the biggest tourist cities in South Carolina. It's situated along the coast and gives you easy access to the beach. Whether you want to catch some rays, enjoy time in the water, or go fishing, you will appreciate the proximity to the water.

The Boardwalk and Promenade is the epicenter, as it features some of the best live music entertainment in South Carolina, in addition to a large Ferris wheel and plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants. Myrtle Beach as a whole is filled with resorts and has incredible nightlife.

3. Golf Resorts and Outings

Visiting South Carolina is an excellent option for people that love the game of golf. Whether you're a competitive player or someone trying to work on your score, there are plenty of outings to be had all over the state.

Myrtle Beach is home to some of the best upscale golf resorts and clubhouses that you can book for your visit. These resorts have excellently manicured golf courses, exquisite restaurants, and amazing lodging accommodations. These resorts also tend to have on-site security or resort police that keep you safe.

This also helps in case you need a lawyer for hotel accident or any other mishaps and want to get the details on the record. You can pack your golf clubs or pick some up when you get to the resort.

4. The Historic District of Charleston

Keep Charleston on your list when you're interested in exploring South Carolina. It's a port city that has been around since the 1600s, which is why it has some of the richest histories that you'll find in the state.

The Historic District has plenty of protected homes, structures, and other historic sites that you can check out, in addition to some of the most relaxing accommodations that you'll find.

Embracing South Carolina Tourist Attractions

The points in this article are helpful anytime you're interested in visiting South Carolina. By understanding the best South Carolina tourist attractions available, you'll have an easier time planning a vacation that you will appreciate.

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