4 Quick Meditation Techniques To Calm Yourself In Chaos

Kick away a hectic day with these simple yet effective meditation techniques.


Yousuf Rafi

3 years ago | 2 min read

A study by mayo clinic revealed that meditation is the fastest stress-reduction method to bring peace in your life. Even if you are not a fan of meditation, you cannot ignore the countless benefits it offers to anymore who plans to include it in their life.

Meditation helps you calm down, sleep better, improve your focus, and helps you go through a tiresome day. The amazing thing about meditation is that you don’t have to visit China or become a monk to learn all the amazing meditation techniques to calm your mind.

These 4 techniques will help you bring inner peace and give you control over the endless mind chatter.

1. The Mantra Meditation

The simplest of all the techniques, in which you pick a word and repeat it in your mind like a mantra. The reputation of this mantra will clear all the unnecessary thoughts from your mind and help you shut down from the external world. While waiting for a crucial meeting in your office, you can close your eyes, repeat the phrase a couple of times, and calm yourself down.

2. Mindful Meditation

In this technique, you need to increase awareness of your surroundings. You focus on your feelings without judging or labeling them. Close your eyes and feel your breathing. Feel the sensation of your feet touching the ground. If there are sounds around you, try to listen and embrace that.

You can perform mindful meditation anywhere, doing anything. While on your walk home, or even when you’re doing the dishes, feel the sensation of water touching your hands and the sound of tap water hitting the basin. When you focus on the present moment, it eliminates everything else.

3. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Another simple meditation technique is relaxing and calming down your muscles. By using progressive muscle relaxation, you’ll be able to relax your body parts, starting from your feet upward to your head.

Close your eyes. Feel your feet touching the ground. Try to relax it and release the tension that you feel in your foot. Do it for 10 seconds and move to your knee. Try to relax every muscle one by one till you reach your head. By calming your muscles, you’ll feel a sense of complete calmness even in the chaos.

4. Visualization

Shakti Gawain, in her book, Creative Visualization, explains the power of visualization to eliminate stress. According to the author, you pick one good memory from your past or create a positive experience of your future and repeat it again and again in your mind’s eye.

Gawain focuses on creating a healthy self-image. By closing your eyes and imagining yourself happy, healthy, and prosperous, you can easily calm yourself down.

People consider meditation as some complex activity that needs a special place or dedicated time. If meditation is part of your life, that’s great, but if you are a busy professional, these quick techniques will help you relax in no time.


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