4 Reasons To Do Something Worth Sharing

Follow your passion sounds easy, but it is pointless advice.


Louie Rahil

3 years ago | 4 min read

Follow your passion sounds easy, but it is pointless advice.

Instead of telling people to follow their passion, we should tell them to do something worth sharing. Some passions are not worth chasing or sharing.

Nobody wants to tell you to do work worth sharing because following your passion is easy. It is passive advice. You do not have to show results. It is enough to say I’m following my passion.

Following your passion measures activity but doing work worth sharing measures results. That is a conversation most people are not ready to have. When is the best time to start something worth sharing? The time is now.

We live in a society that trained us to sit on the sidelines and wait for the right moment. Go to school; do not start a business yet. Get good grades, and get a good job. Do not do this. Wait until you retire.

These are not horrible rules. They are outdated. They worked in 1850 when belonging to a tribe meant survival. Things changed. It is time to embrace doing work worth sharing because the status quo is outdated, and you are ready now.

1. The Status Quo is Wrong

Bureaucracy defends the Status Quo long after the Quo has lost its Status. — Laurence J. Peter

My question for you today? What if the status quo is wrong? Let me tell you how I view the status quo; the status quo is a thief stealing your dreams and killing your ambition. It is an army general that wants you to blend in. The societal institutions lose if you step up.

Our school system is not ready for you to leave school yet. It is not ready for you to abandon the norms. Our corporations are not ready for you to step away.

Stepping away is a form of disobedience. It does not matter if you more profitable working for yourself. It does not matter if you are more efficient at working from home. You are still required to show up on time and work for 8 hours.

The point is not for you to do work. The point for you is to blend in and obey the status quo.

Most of us listen to the status quo because it is risk-free.

It is safer to consume than to create. It is easier to listen than to speak. It is faster to eat than to cook. Most people are content with sitting on the sideline than participating in any event becuase we are convinced that we are not ready yet.

2. You Are Ready Now

“You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.” Seth Godin

Waiting for the right moment is a form of fear. Fear that keeps you average but not fulfilled. It teaches you to avoid doing what you need to do.

A friend of mine had a dream to work for Carmax, but they told him that he was not qualified. He got mad and started his own company. Now his income exceeds 1 million dollars per year. It is time for you to get mad too. It is time for you to declare that you are ready. Do not wait for other people to decide your future.

You are ready now, but you do not feel like it. We have been living in a society that brainwashed us to believe that the easiest way to succeed is to get chosen.

If you want a better job, apply for 100 jobs, and pray, one of them will choose you. If you want to get promoted, work extra hard, and hope your manager has noticed you.

I know starting something on your own is hard. Seth Godin wrote about this difficulty, “We are naturally afraid of change, but without starting something, you’ll always be stuck and waiting for something or someone to tell you to move.”

Do not wait to be told. Tell yourself to move.

3. Do Not Wait To Get Picked, Choose Yourself

The only way to find your voice is to use it. It’s hardwired, built into you. Austin kleon

When the gatekeepers do not pick you, what is your plan B? Is it to go back to school or to school them? Is it to start something on your own or to go back to stand in line and waiting to get picked? James Altcuher wrote a book about this idea. He called it “Choose Yourself.” Start by reading Altucher's book, and decide to pick yourself.

Altucher declared that we are in the “Choose yourself era.” You must exert control over your life. Fear of rejection is the most powerful inhibitor in the world. Do not let the fear of rejection stops you from choosing yourself.

Once you do that, everything changes.

4. Be Yourself

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make something else is the greatest accomplishment. Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know an artist who blew up on Tiktok doing cover songs, but he stopped doing them. I asked him, “Why?” He told me, “I want to create original songs. I want to be me.”

How many of us are afraid to be true to ourselves. We hide behind a paycheck, a status quo symbol, or a broken institution. We are too scared to raise our hands and do work that we know capable of doing. So, we show up to work on Monday, sit in our cars for a few minutes before gathering the courage to walk in and do a job that we are good at, but we are not fulfilled.

About a month ago, I started this experiment to write something every day for 365 days and see what happens. I chose myself. I started to write becuase I know that writing and speaking are my best skills, and I want to share them more with people.

My goal is to get you to think a little bit differently about something in your mind.

I would love it if you share this post with your friends and invite them to this journey.


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