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4 Things That Inspires A Man’s Commitment In A Relationship

Commitment is vital to having a successful relationship. And without exaggerating, if your man isn’t committed to you, it means you don’t really have a future with him.


Joshua Idegbere

4 months ago | 4 min read


Where he sees you in the next 5,10,20, 30 years

No one makes me feel this special like you

You do not just want to date.
I mean, you love this guy; he is nice, supportive, intelligent, and humble and you both love each other.

For those reasons, you really want the relationship to work.

Don't you?

That is a worthwhile desire.
The truth is, it is possible for you.

In fact, that is quite the desire of every lady who finds themselves in the arm of someone they want to spend the rest of their life with.

Unfortunately, though, many don’t see those desires materialize.


It is not enough to just wish you end up with someone with whom you are deeply in love. This is life: Wishes never get anything done. If you desire that outcome, you’ve got to invest some effort to get something better than a shattered dream.

Commitment is vital to having a successful relationship. And without exaggerating, if your man isn’t committed to you, it means you don’t really have a future with him.

Commitment is proof that someone isn't just in love but will stay even if you later have one of your legs amputated.

Falling in love isn’t enough

People can fall in love today and break up the next day.

This is because falling in love is nothing but a feeling- labile and temporary.

But you hardly see partners who are committed fall apart so easily. They may have misunderstandings, quarrel, and shout at each other. But they get back together and their relationships get stronger and better.

Have you now seen why you need to inspire commitment with your man?


Let’s consider a few things you can do towards reaching that goal.

1. The special feeling effect

Society has placed a lot of responsibilities on men. We're mandated to care for and protect women and children, with none to do the same for us.

For that reason, the average guy thinks and feels he doesn’t deserve care. He feels he’s to give it and not the other way round.

When you go out of your way to show him some care and give him some nice treats, he feels special.

We can’t resist ladies who make us feel special.

So make him feel special.

How do you make a man feel special?

Turn the tables.


Encourage him to talk and listen to him; take him out occasionally and offer to foot the bills; occasionally buy him gifts. Send him a text in the morning telling him how much you love him; call to check up on him during the course of your day.

Ideally, these are stuff every man feels he owes his lady. For that reason, when you turn the tables and occasionally shower him with these nice treats, he gets blown away and feels fortunate to have someone so thoughtful as you.

2. Where he sees in you in the next 5, 10, 20, 30 years

I felt sad when my friend told me his brother's fiancee dropped out of school because of her boyfriend. She lent him her school fees all because he was broke and needed money.

Now she has missed her semester exams, got pregnant for him and with no hope of returning to school soon.

Education is highly valuable to your future. Without a good education, you won't have so much value in the marketplace.

A man will prefer a lady with education because somehow she'll be an asset in the future. I tell you the truth, a guy will be more than willing to commit to a relationship if he sees you have a promising future. And education is one huge factor that determines the future value of anyone.

Do you get the idea now?


So take your education seriously.

Go to school. Finish your educational/academic program. Earn a degree. It gives you an added value and an edge over ladies on your man’s radar.

3. If you can make yourself unforgettable


By being of help.

I had to talk to my girlfriend about this the last time: " the only way to secure a future with a man is to be of help to him in a key area of his life."

Men have a lot to deal with. Helping with a fraction of it occasionally means a lot to him.

I’m not telling you to be his slave. Not at all. All I’m saying is that you find an area of his life you could render some services.

For instance, let's say your man is preparing for an exam and he barely had time to cook. You can be of help by preparing enough stew and keep it in his freezer. That will go a long way.

If he's passing through some life challenges. That's not the time to blame him for not coming through for you. The right thing will be to encourage him, intercede for a breakthrough, and be emotionally available for him.

We never forget people who show up in those moments.

So take advantage of those little avenues to be of help. I tell you the truth, even if he has the tendencies to cheat, when he remembers your kindness, he will think twice.

4. The trust effect

Trust, my dear, is the strongest factor that can inspire any man to commit to you in a relationship. If you don't know that before, please know it now.

Trust is the foundation for any relationship. There is no relationship if trust is deficient.

Research has it that lack of trust is the main reason relationships fall apart. Why, because, if a man can't trust you, he won't feel secure that your love for him is genuine. And that's not the kind of lady any man wants to do something long-term with.

The question is, are you trustworthy?

Do you keep your promises? Do you double date? Do you lie? Do you get tempted to steal money or items that are not your own?

No man wants to settle with a woman with these character flaws. None.

So, be honest and transparent.
Not just with your man; let it be your default mode character. Learn it till they get ingrained into your psychology.

You need true honesty to get a man committed in a relationship. If he can trust you, he'll be more than willing to take your relationship seriously.

There are several others, but these are a good place to start. As you practice these, I see you ending up in marriage with the man of your dreams.

To your success in relationships,



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