4 Things That Can Sweep A Lady Off Her Feet And Never Want To Live A Day Without You

You can make your partner never want to live a day without you. You can make her walk with pride and leap in joy every day of her life when she remembers having someone like you in her life.


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Effective ways to delight your lady and make her want to spend the rest of her life with you

Blow me a kiss from across the room . . . Touch my hair as you pass my chair, little things mean a lot.” — Kallen Kitty

How you make your lady feel influences the future and well-being of your dating and marriage relationships.

You won't have a successful relationship if you constantly make her feel like a piece of trash. Nobody enjoys that feeling. And that's not the kind of relationship anyone's daughter wants to be in.

Trust me.

But just as you can make a lady regret ever being with you and never want to see you ever again, you can make her always thank the day she met you and desire nothing else but want to live the rest of her life with you.

Isn't that how you want your partner to feel about you?

Of course!

Then I have good news for you:

It is possible.

You can make your partner never want to live a day without you. You can make her walk with pride and leap in joy every day of her life when she remembers having someone like you in her life.

Love makes little seem much.

Because she loves you, you don’t even need much to make her feel that way. From experience, when a lady loves you, she magnifies even the little good you do for her.

Love makes little seem much.

That’s said, let’s consider how to make a lady never want to live a day without you.

Today, we shall consider seven things that can sweep a lady off her feet and get her obsessed with you.

If you’re set, let’s begin:

1. Tell her the three most powerful words in the universe

Words are powerful.

If spoken from the heart, " I love you", are the three most powerful three words in the universe. They do wonders to human psychology and in relationships.

Saying I love you to your lady is reassuring.

Those three powerful words dispel doubts, endear them to you, and make them safe in your energy.

Also, “It's the oxygen for the relationship,” says FIU psychologist Lisa Arango.

“Telling somebody you love them feeds the relationship, keeps it alive.” It reinforces your feelings and helps remind your loved ones – whether your spouse, sweetheart, child, or parent–that you are there for them and that they matter to you."

I love you is powerful.

Always tell those words to your partner. They are some of the most soothing and reassuring words in a relationship.

2. Make her feel loved

It is one thing to tell someone I love you and yet another to make them feel loved.

Telling a lady the three powerful words without following through with actions won't matter so much over time. Instead, they will disbelieve your every word and doubt you truly love them.

For that reason, proving your love beyond words is important. There are a number of ways to make a lady feel loved. But here are a few:

  • Make tim for her. Making time for a woman tells her how much of a priority he is to you. If you do, she can't but believe that you truly love her.
  • Acknowledge and appreciate her every effort in the relationship. People feel loved, encouraged, and motivated when appreciated. Those positive feelings can foster and deepen bonds in your relationships.
  • Support her and encourage her to grow both in her personal and career life. It tells her that you really care about her wellbeing.
  • Compliment her and make her feel good about herself. People emotionally gravitate towards those who make them feel good about themselves.
  • Offer a listening ear, be open and honest with her.
  • Keep her secrets, and finally
  • Remember her birthday and make it worthwhile for her.

These may seem small, but most times it is the small things that matter in relationships.

3. Be someone she can trust

My favorite description of a romantic relationship is by Paulo Coelho. It says,

“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you and trusting that they won’t.”

This describes a lady's love more than men's. Most of them go all in for love and burn their bridges. When a lady loves you, she seldom has a Plan B. Her desire is to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work with an expectation that you'll do the same.

If you can prove to her that you're invested in the relationship just as she is, she can do anything for you, trust me.

My girlfriend once told me, "Babes, I can do anything for you now, not because you're cute or handsome, not because you're comfortable, not even because I love you; I can because I trust you."

Women value trust.

And if they find a man that she finds trustworthy, she will do anything to be with him.

Be trustworthy

  • Keep her secrets secret.

If they confide in you about a sensitive experience in their lives, don't tell someone else. Keep it with you no matter what.

  • Never cheat on them.

No lady loves sharing their men. Neither do they ever want to end up in marriage with a man that cheats. So be self-disciplined and keep your eyes from other women. If you do this she will respect you and feel safe around you.

  • Tell her your secrets too.

If she finds out herself, she may never find you trustworthy anymore. So tell her your secrets too. She should hear from you first.

  • Be open with your intention.

Ladies love being carried along by their men. It gives her a sense of belonging in your life and that they are worth something to you. That’s a feeling they treasure.

The result?

She'll thank the day you walked into her life.

4. Get physical with her

Blow me a kiss from across the room . . . Touch my hair as you pass my chair, little things mean a lot.” —Kallen Kitty

Touch plays a crucial role in generating and enhancing love. People feel more satisfied in a relationship in which physical affection is a significant part.

You want your lady to sweep your lady off her feet right, don't you? So don't neglect to touch her. Give her a lover's touch each time you're together. Tactile stimulation plays a very important role in interpersonal communication, sexuality, and creating bonds between people.

The absence of touch can break your relationship.

A friend of mine recently fell out of love with her boyfriend. They dated for 3 years. And just a few months ago she admitted she can't continue with the relationship.


It was a long-distance relationship.

They see each other only twice a year. And physical touch was deficient in the relationship.

But there was someone she was close to that resided in the same city with her. He gets to see him often. Over time they start developing feelings for each other, cuddling, and before you know it they bonded even more than with her boyfriend who lives far away.

That's how she walked out of the relationship with her boyfriend for someone that is physically available to her.

Prioritize touch in your relationship.

According to Madeleine M. Castellanos, MD on behalf of Good In Bed,

“Just by touching each other on the arm or the hand when you are sitting side by side, you can create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

A wonderful benefit of touching is that it releases a small amount of oxytocin, the neurotransmitter that helps us bond and feels confident and connected.

Both men and women benefit from its release, although the main function of oxytocin is to produce uterine contractions during and after childbirth.

Oxytocin also produces stronger orgasms in women, which is why stimulating a woman’s breasts during foreplay and touching her all over leads to a more dramatic sexual experience for her.

Cuddling and staring into each other eyes are other ways of increasing the flow of oxytocin, and increasing the bonding between you both.”

I encourage you to practice these and see how it improves your relationship with your lady.

To your success in relationship,



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