4 Ways To Determine if You Are Valuable at Work

Lessons learnt from the CEO of a Fortune 500 company


Dennis Desilva

3 years ago | 1 min read

I once asked a global CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Given that presence of our company is around the world. It is like leading a fleet of a thousand ships. How would you know as CEO if things are not working right?

Senior executives generally would be quick to respond to questions since they (were) accustomed to various questions — but I made sure mine would give him a few seconds to think before he gave me a suitable answer.

So why did I ask the question?

If things do not work right, we are wasting time and money.

To ensure the company benefits from us, We must add value to the organization that hired us.

The CEO provided a lengthy answer, and I have summarized them in four key areas.

You provide impact at the workplace. We get caught up with daily life and operate on auto-pilot. We wake up, prepare for work then check our email notes. You might have missed seeing the troubled face of your colleague while walking along the hallway.

Do not be a robot. Look around and talk to people.

Your work output is significant to others.

You have been working on a report for months — every time you send it right through their inbox, you never received any feedback.

Either they don’t care about your report — or it doesn’t help anyone. The very reason why we have communication apps installed or designated work desk phones is for us to ask them if they still need it by giving them a brief call.

Your job has a purpose.

You know by heart that the tasks are falling due daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

You get excited whenever your task list is getting done. But we might be missing out here in understanding why you are doing it.

You were appointed to execute company measures.

When leaders go to you to implement changes in the company, this speaks about the trust to carry out a sensitive responsibility.

If nobody in your team has nominated you to be part of anything, it is time to reflect and be part of something.


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