4 Ways To Be a Successful Mompreneur

Being a dedicated mother and a businesswoman, with sheer grit & determination no matter what happens


Namita Mehta

3 years ago | 3 min read

Starting your own business is like having a baby. You will have to pull the occasional all-nighter, deal with the “teething problems” (mind the pun), nurture your business idea and watch it grow into the dream you have always envisioned. Doing all of this is a challenge in itself; add looking after children to your job description and this seems impossible. That tug of war feeling between work and home is always at the back of your mind. As a mother, you don’t want to miss that school concert or play, however as a business owner, you want to ensure that you are always present at those all-important client or fundraising meetings. Being a mompreneur is definitely a balancing act. Here are ways that can help one multitask:

Delegate your Responsibilities:

Creating a strong support ecosystem and delegating tasks is crucial. If you try to do everything on your own, you will inevitably burn out. So, identify help from the beginning. To ensure that things at home run smoothly, figure out which duties you, your spouse and your children will take on. Also, consider asking for help from your extended family, like your parents or in-laws. If feasible, hire external help like a nanny or a cleaning service. Besides family, building an effective social network can be valuable. At work, start identifying key leaders in your company who you can trust to manage crucial tasks while you are away.

Prioritise and Keep a Structure:

Being a successful entrepreneur requires you to prioritise your time. If you are dealing with constant disruptions at home or at work, executing either role may become extremely difficult. Implementing well-defined schedules, including regular duties and activities, will help both areas of your life run more efficiently. Also, pre-planning after-school activities, meals and other routines as much as possible for your children will help ensure there is less chance of havoc at home.

Moreover, developing a structure that takes both roles into account is important. If you know your spouse is free and spending time with your children, use that time to catch up on emails/calls. Additionally, ensure that you set time aside to spend some quality time with your child every day without work disruptions as well.

Be Passionate About Your Work and Just Keep Going:

Sometimes, mothers who are spread too thin might feel like giving up is the only option. Every time this thought crosses your mind, think about why you started your enterprise in the first place and focus on the long-term goals that you have set for yourself. Running a business without a child is hard enough, so managing both simultaneously is a challenge and there are bound to be ups and downs. Sticking through the rough times and working twice as hard when you need to can keep you going. Being a dedicated mother and a businesswoman, with sheer grit and determination no matter what happens, is something that has to be part of your DNA.

Surround Yourself with Good Energy:

Surrounding yourself with positive people that believe in you, your goals and your decisions makes this journey easier. The last thing a mompreneur needs is judgement from a family member or colleague about the other role she is trying to fulfil. In addition, discussing ways to solve problems, both for home and work, with others in the same shoes can recharge you. Do not underestimate the benefit of positive vibes; this can get you through that bad day when your child is unwell and you have a critical meeting that you cannot miss.

In the end, being a mompreneur is not about ‘either this or that’, but about both. It can be a difficult job, but one that can be extremely rewarding for everyone involved.


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