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4 ways to up-cycle old baby items

A post about up-cycling and reusing baby items for frugal parents and caregivers.


Lauren Schroth

3 months ago | 2 min read


When I found out I was pregnant with twin boys, I consciously tried not to over buy on unnecessary baby products, but some things are just essential no matter how many babies you have. This can lead to a lot of left over products, like diapers that are too small etc. After trying and failing to give a lot of these said products away for free, I decided to try and find an alternative use for them, so far I've been successful with a few.

Breast milk bags

After grappling with low milk supply and babies that didn't want to latch for a few months, I made the change from combi-feeding to exclusively formula feeding. I had a lot of breast milk freezer bags left and as my babies are starting solids now, I'm using them to freeze homemade purees in. I can add 2 portions for each baby into 1 bag, and it's handy that i can write the date and what's inside of the bag, just like with breast milk. Having some leftover bags on hand has made it very easy to batch cook, say a bunch of carrots and then freeze them for the upcoming week. I save a lot of money on buying jarred food.

Nipple pads

I have been using nipple pads to apply my toner as part of my skincare routine. If you have reusable ones, even better! I haven't tried it, but imagine they would also work for:

  • removing makeup
  • removing nail polish (if using reusable, don't also use on your face)
  • as a cold compress over your eyes, etc.


Firstly, I would always recommend donating clothing wherever possible, but for items that are stained and beyond repair, you can up-cycle! Simply cut clean squares out of the clothes and use as cleaning rags around the house, you could use them for dishes, wiping the counters down or even baby's spit-up. The possibilities are endless.


This is a bit of a funny one, but it really did work for me in a pinch. I was cleaning my bathroom and realized I had no cloth of paper towel to wipe the mirror down with. I was thinking about what I could use and then I thought to try an old, clean diaper in a size too small for my boys. It really did work and left the mirror clean and streak free. I also tried it on the bathroom floor and it worked a charm. I don't know what made me think to try this- but i'm glad I did, that bathroom was crying to be cleaned!

I hope this list helped inspire anyone caring for infants, do you have any tips to share? I'd love to hear them!

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