5 Apps And Tools That Will Supercharge Your Marketing And Productivity

“A carpenter is only as good as his tools”, the saying goes. The same is true for marketers.


Ryan Cook

3 years ago | 3 min read

“A carpenter is only as good as his tools”, the saying goes. The same is true for marketers.

Digital marketing is an innovative space with clever new tools coming into existence everyday. Using better tools leads to better results. In order to keep your company’s revenue streams fresh and growing you need to be constantly trying out and optimizing the apps available to your tool kit.

1. Ahrefs’ SEO Tool

Whether you know absolutely nothing about effective SEO for driving up Google rankings and bringing in organic traffic or you’re a guru in the space, Ahrefs is the best tool out there for businesses to easily capture more Google keywords and enjoy a steady stream of online traffic to your company website.

Not only does Ahrefs help you generate lists of easy-to-capture keywords in your space, but it also helps you track how many backlinks your website has, where the backlinks are coming from, and how you fare against your competitors in the Google-ranking game.

The smallest package starts at $80/month and offers a great array of useful dashboards and recommendations.

2. Todo Cloud’s To-do List App

When you get into the nitty gritty of marketing to-do’s, keeping your tasks and priorities straight can be a huge struggle. Todo Cloud is awesome because it helps you organize to-do lists of all sizes in highly intuitive ways that enable you to operate at maximum efficiency.

With Todo Cloud you can assign different priorities to different tasks and then sort those tasks inside of larger families called “projects” in order to consistently maintain a manageable number of items on your to-do list.

You can also easily set to-dos to automatically trigger at certain times or geographical locations so that you don’t have to keep referring back to your list all day to remember what’s next.

Additionally, Todo Teams is an awesome way to coordinate and assign projects for work teams and take your best shot at hitting team goals. Todo Cloud costs just a few dollars per month.

3.’s Email Gathering Tool

Many marketers argue that email-marketing is the cheapest and most efficient way to make a sale. The tricky part of that every company is getting the email addresses.

Who do you send to? Imagine if you could just create a long list of domains of companies or websites with relevant audiences and email them Enter: lets you put in a domain address before it scours the web for email addresses related to that domain. You don't have to go through “Contact Us” pages - just let the app do it for you. The app also lets you send email campaigns to the email addresses you have just collected. Use its free version if you just need a few email addresses, otherwise upgrade to the $50/month plan to send out full email campaigns.

4. Canva’s Design Suite

Canva makes generating creative materials extremely easy. Need to send an email? Create an infographic? Make a business card? Design an ad?

Canva’s awesome template gallery and easy-to-use tools make it so a novice of art and design can produce top-quality creative. Canva is free for most users, although you can pay a small monthly subscription to unlock full access to all features.

5. Google Trends’ Trend Analyzer

Whatever your business is, you need to know what trends are on their way in and what trends are on their way out. The easiest way to diagnose this is by going to Google Trends and entering different subjects, products or topics relevant to your space and then analyzing the curve.

For example, if you’re a restaurant or you sell food, try entering in “beyond beef”, “boba tea”, and other trends you’ve seen going on to gauge potential opportunities. This simple tool also allows you to compare different topics at once to see how much search traffic they receive comparatively. Google Trends is completely free.


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