5 Best Landing Pages that Anyone Can Create

Landing page where a visitor lands after they open the web page. Its look to be attractive and makes the impression in the eyes of visitor that they visit again.


Vikalp Kaushik

3 years ago | 2 min read

When I was in high school, I opt the subject of web development and starting learning the web technologies because I was interested in making my own web pages or websites and I love to create web animations.

Where did I finish!

Well, I have gain the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS but I did not get the outcome that I was excepted.

Now What,

In my first year of graduation, I start learning the JavaScript for better functionality and starts practicing. I improved a lot and starts getting better results.

What really needs to make amazing landing pages?

For me, front end programming is exceptional…. It’s not difficult to learn, understand and implement.

For creating amazing landing pages, few things needs to be clear which I stated in three steps.

First step of creating landing page is “What’s the goal”. What would visitor do upon reaching your landing page? Download something, Fill out a form, Sign Up for something or buying something etc. You have to know the purpose and have to determining the goals.

Second step is “take ideas or inspiration from others”. What’s your competitors are doing, you should go and follow likewise. Lacking in ideas? Be a copycat. By making copycat landing pages or web pages, you’ll be treading in the path that many have walked before you. This way you maximize the chances that someone will be able to offer you help and advice when you get stuck.

Third step is important, landing page should be clear , simple, flawless design, provide high quality content , useful and relevant.

Why Landing Pages are important?

Landing page where a visitor lands after they open the web page. Its look to be attractive and makes the impression in the eyes of visitor that they visit again.

I have created few landing pages that will may inspired you.

1. Product landing Page

FireBox is product based landing page with simple headline. GitHub Repo.

  • Colors are light and work well.
  • Navigation are simple and placed perfectly.
  • Have smooth web animation.

2. Portfolio Landing Page

I have created simple portfolio landing page with a CSS preloader. GitHub Repo.

  • It’s has dark theme and match’s perfectly.
  • Image zoom out looks amazing.
  • Tween js animation works well.
  • Have 2 nice clear buttons.

3. Sports Landing Page

I made this landing page to tribute Indian cricket captain who takes retirement. GitHub Repo.

  • Clear heading and minimalist text.
  • Neat and clean looking design.
  • It has Mouse Move Effect.

4. Gaming Landing Page

This landing page based on the concept of Call Of Duty. GitHub Repo.

  • Intro video attracts everything.
  • Motion text enhance gaming experience.
  • It has 2 clear download buttons.

5. Food Landing Page

Foodie is landing page based on foods related web pages. GitHub Repo.

  • Individual sections have different colors creates great contrast.
  • Colors matches the theme.
  • Visually attractive design.
  • Smooth web animation.


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