The 5 Best Salesforce Alternatives And Competitors

You can use the platform of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for efficient business analytics charting out


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Every tool, platform and component of Salesforce can be used to provide personalised services to your clients. You can use the platform of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for efficient business analytics charting out efficient social media and advertising campaigns for the customers you are catering to, Sales Cloud for driving your sales and Service Cloud for monitoring the services you provide.

Salesforce certainly has a solution for every problem. All you need to do is explain your key objectives and the specific requirements of your organisation to your Salesforce Developer before availing of Salesforce development services, and you will get the platform implemented developed to suit your needs.

However, there are several other players in the market providing services that are similar to that of Salesforce CRM.

As a business organisation, it is important to consider all the available CRM alternatives and choose the one whose services are in sync with your requirements. Here are five of the most prominent Salesforce competitors in the market of business CRM:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a CRM platform with a sales portal that is at par with Salesforce CRM. After signing up for its services, it provides the users with an array of features such as field services, artificial intelligence, talent management etc.

However, Dynamics 365 is essentially suitable for the industry giants and not for the new and growing businesses.

With its high-end sales-related features, this CRM platform facilitates the process of smart selling by providing the users with important customer details embedded within the system. Its application can be used for setting up exciting sales contests to drive your sales.

You can also connect with your buyers using social media platforms such as LinkedIn. With its artificial intelligence component, you can target buyers according to their past behaviours and their interactions with your sales team.

The basic version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 would cost you a sum of $115 per user per month and if you want to avail all of its services, you will have to shell out $210 per user per month. This makes Dynamics 365 one of the more expensive Salesforce alternatives.

Freshworks Freshsales

Freshworks Freshsales is a CRM platform which in spite of being cloud-based, allows you in creating and managing contacts within your system. Using this platform, you can save all necessary details regarding your customers, generate and score leads based on their responses and improve the customer information you have by integrating your customers’ social media accounts with the CRM database.

Freshsales Freshworks has an extensive visual sales pipeline that offers drag and drop navigation to the users to track the progress of leads in the sales funnel. The pipeline also provides the users with a deal age report that helps them in ascertaining how far they are from closing the deal. You can also integrate Freshworks Freshsales into the official website of your business.

This would provide you with information about the visitors landing on your site and their activities therein. Using this information, you can segment the visitors you feel are more likely to convert and add the same to your sales pipeline as potential leads.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is one of the most robust Salesforce CRM alternatives, providing its services to users for free. HubSpot relies more on visual representations when it comes to displaying important business information.

With this platform, HubSpot provides a visual representation of all sales leads acquired by the client organisation along with dashboards that allow the users to see what deals they are managing at any point in time. This pane can be used to conveniently organise all your sales deals by the contact names, the status of the deal and other filters.

The CRM platform of HubSpot can also be easily integrated with the users’ social media platforms, emails and call platforms for capturing all necessary calls and interactions with the current and prospective customers. This integration would also help the users in storing important actionable information into the CRM database.

HubSpot also comes with efficient mass emailing tools that help users in sending important emails to multiple contacts in bulk and live chatting tools that help the customers to interact with the sales executives in real-time.

Zoho CRM

This is the CRM branch of Zoho, a company known to provide cloud-based services to business organisations for improving office productivity. Zoho CRM is a platform that provides its users with an array of efficient contact integration options.

For instance, if you integrate Zoho CRM with your email, it will scan through your emails and convert them into CRM contacts for prioritising your sales pipeline. This platform also offers services pertaining to live chat, allowing the customers to interact with the sales representatives in real-time.

Zoho CRM also uses the technology of artificial intelligence in capturing and managing sales leads. Zia is an AI sales assistant that would help you track all your sales activities and would provide you with product suggestions. Priced at $12-$100 per user per month, Zoho CRM is suitable for small and medium enterprises.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is one of the most popular Salesforce CRM competitors. It is a CRM platform that integrates all three major business areas – sales, marketing and service effectively to provide a wholesome CRM approach to the clients.

By using this platform, you will be able to manage all your contacts on a single page. The platform would also help you in tracking your sales activities, notifying you about the stage you are at and the sales milestones you and your team achieved. Along with efficient voicemail and call script automation, Agile CRM allows you to contact your prospects faster through their one-click calling services.

Agile CRM is free for the initial ten users and would cost you $9-$48 per user per month after you cross the limit. It is ideal for new and growing businesses who are not looking for more specific CRM services to automate their relatively simpler business processes.


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