5 creative ways to use zoom for content creation

Content creator´s new best friend


Allegue Wessim

3 years ago | 3 min read

If we had to select a prize winner of a company that succeeded the most during COVID 19, I would probably say it´s zoom. The new online communication platform is booming with online classes, meetings, and regular calls.

It didn´t take long for content creators to find creative ways to utilize the platform.

Here the best concepts I found over the internet that can help your personal or company branding.

1. Podcasts

Probably the most obvious one, but let me navigate you through it a bit so you can get the most out of it:

  • Record your voice locally: Due to third party sound treatment, the quality may suffer if you the normal recorded files of the software. To prevent this, record locally your microphone and ask your guest to do the same. You can use audacity in order to do so
  • Create teaser videos: Cut highlight videos using software like Premiere Pro or Final cut and distribute them over all your social channels. Make sure to respect the different formats of social media platforms.
  • Find your podcaster personality: Now if you are making your first steps into podcasting like me, be sure to inspire yourself from other podcasters and try to add your unique touch on it.
  • Add another camera: To make the videos more dynamic, record with a phone or a camera from another angle so you can edit them later.
  • Ask for recommendations: Make sure to ask your friends and family for feedback in order to improve. Not only that, ask them as well if they know someone who could be a good fit for your niche.

2. Game shows

I´ve seen this in the last couple of days, content creators are reproducing TV game shows like the Bachelor or wheel of fortune.

Pick your favorite nostalgia game show and turn to your niche. For example, The Rajjchelor was a TV show created to get gaming streamers to find love or to benefit from each other audiences. This kind of collaborative content tends to do wonders on Youtube.

Now you could take this a step further and implement it within your team if you ever have one, by creating storylines and roleplays to boost their creativity and lighten the mood.

Board games can be also included in this category. So from Mafia to Monopoly, you could also record a game and utilizing as content

3. Private events

For brands, it is time to get personal. Now is the time to take care of your customers and to give back to the people that helpt you build your dream.

You can organize exclusive private sales to your most loyal customers or get to know them on a deep level or even ask them for feedback.

Use these testimonials and content collected on your website and social media platforms as reviews or just stories.

This type of content will demonstrate the emotional side of the brand and will allow you to reach even more clients.

For creatives, it is time to connect also with your fanbase and reward them with talks or live performances.

Some artists and celebrities were crashing zoom meetings recently so much that the platform imposed a password in order to create rooms.

4. Art Lessons

Artists have been struggling recently financially.

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

So many need new sources of income to survive. Zoom is allowing artists to hold online classes and let me tell you its fascinating.

I jumped on a couple of calls and I saw from live drawing classes to harmonica ones to acting.

For monetization, most of them are asking for an entry fee on Paypal to ensure the security of the transaction.

Of course, you could use this footage or parts of it to promote your classes online.

I recommend using pre-rolled targeted ads on Google Ads to maximize your reach.

5. Green Screen

The green screen is an amazing feature that allows you to replace the background of your recording. It is widely used by content creators and streamers to change the decor and create their own world.

Zoom has a feature that allows creating a virtual background even without a green screen although it´s very inaccurate. So better buy one and set it up.

Now there is an infinity of possibilities of utilizing the green screen when it comes to content creation that I´ll give you some niches where you could utilize this technology:

  • Presentations
  • Video Contests
  • Collaborative Art
  • Reproducing a decor
  • Pranks

Although Zoom tends to freeze some times, this app has been my best friend for content creation and I hope you will too.


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