5 Decluttering Tips To Live With Less Stuff

Less is more.


Akriti vyas

3 years ago | 2 min read

We are drowning in clutter. The things we possess are possessing us. I need to be honest with you- For many years, I was a packrat. My life was filled with an unbearable load of items, from my closet to the desk I work. But my entire lifestyle got changed when I chose to live a minimalist life. Now my rooms are not only clutter-free but also my mind.

While many people refer to minimalism with less, but I can say it is more.

Let’s review the old saying- “Less is more.”

More space, more time to relax, enjoy, and think about the future, more love to people, not things, more passion for work, and more and more….

If you can relate to this and ready to declutter the stuff, follow the tips I mentioned below.

1. Collect

Pull everything out of a closet and put in a pile. Take everything out, even a hair clip. Now use the famous four-box method.

The Put-away box: Keep the items in this box that you frequently use on a daily basis.

The Give-away box: Filled this box with the items that you don’t need anymore. You can donate them also.

The Toss- away box: This one goes without saying, keep the damaged products that have no use in your life.

The Storage box: Items that you don’t use often but can use these items in the future belong to this box.

2. Organize

Now clean the closet, put the things back systematically. Grouping the things together and leave a little space around the groups. The process is repeated for every closet, drawer, and any other area you need to declutter.

3. Declutter your Handbag or Wallet

Handbags and wallets get stuffed with full of receipts and loose change that take lots of space. You may also have napkins, half eaten snacks, rappers, and other rubbish things that you will not use later. Empty your bag on the table, check out every compartment carefully. Now, a group like or related things together, which makes things so much easier to find out. If you ask how often I declutter my handbag, I usually do it once in a week.

4. Keep a Just in Case Box

We all have the items that we don’t use often but cannot simply part with, like, Vintage kitchen set, outdated accessories, and other similar possessions. So, I advise you to put them in the “Just in Case Box.”

5. Eat-Sleep-Declutter-Repeat

Clutter didn’t create itself. It’s there because of you. I don’t want to dishearten you, but the thing is, decluttering isn’t a one-time job. No matter how hard you try to live a clutter-free life. But, we tend to purchase items that no longer have a purpose in our life. This is why I advise you to do decluttering as often as possible.

I hope you enjoyed my blog; please share your views, and if you have any helpful tip, do let me know.


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